Saturday, January 10, 2009

"Woo-Who, Probably You" on Debunklicans

Lesley comments on those within UFO culture on those who attack others for being "woo" etc. Woo -Who, Probably You on her latest blog Debunklicans.

I agree with Lesley on this:
I would also add that this theory that the Woo-Woos are somehow keeping Ufology out of the mainstream is completely unproven and seems to be total bunk to me. Ufology IS in the mainstream, it is on TV almost every night of the week and these days newspapers and other media gladly report on it because it increases circulation and ratings. 99% of people I meet are believers that UFOs could be visitors from elsewhere. There doesn't seem to be widespread argument that UFOs don't exist. You could clear the entire Ufology field of woowoos, as well as hoaxers and scammers, but Ufology would still not be reported on as real science. (italics mine)

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Joseph Capp said...

Dear Regan,
Let's treat each other with respect all of us.
I believe that all of us who experience these different phenomenon relate to it in different ways. Some find profound spirituality in the experience others a curiously of what it could it be or even both.
Anyone having a UFO sighting more then once was laughed at, and not even investigated, in the early days of UFOs research.
Do these entities contact certain people?
This is laughed at now, but you would have to a call a great a large group of experienciers liars to believe that. Why would aliens use the spiritual card. I don't know... can you think of any reason. Maybe so people won't shoot at them... do you think?

Now I believe that Gulliland, at the trout lake ranch, is experiencing what he says he's experiencing. Too many professional people from all walks of life including the military and others have witnessed UFOs at that UFO ranch. Gilliland may indeed be in touch with some intelligence. He has been known say and in fact filmed predicting what time the UFOs will appear. Also we may be wrong, ETs, at least certain species, may be spiritual in a similar way to what we think of as being spiritual a respect for all life. To travel to the stars you would have to get past certain nationalistic concepts and even species concepts.
Spiritualism may be part of evolution we don't know. In other words all of us which seem to think we have the answer may indeed be wrong.
My complaint is with anybody, including Gilliland, who claim to know the exact truth behind this. This should be our starting point of respect between all faction. When you use religious fundamentalist terms Like "I know"...about these visitors.. what they are why they are here...then there is nothing more to discuss. We can't really read what is there from what we know.
Since we don't know we are allowed to voice different opinion otherwise this becomes a like a good old boys.. and girls club a clup without questions.
If anybody thinks that Klass Or the other debunkers or scientist set in their ways would have listen to James McDonald if there weren't strange people around this subject their just fooling themselves.
It was these debunker who use this and other tactics that suppress UFO data. Doesn't anyone recognize that what Klass and the other did, to the many including Stanton Friedman and James McDonald was McCarthyism. I believe that the scientist of that day knew also. They aren't stupid. But like the days of McCarthyism they kept their mouths shut to protect their own.
What was needed then as now is called courage the Edward R Murrow kind...and I have been waiting 35 years for some top ranking scientist to grow some, out there, and I'm still waiting .

Everyone can admit Stanton Friedman is about as far away from the supposed "nut jobs" as you could be. He has been invited and spoken at hundreds of universities about this subject yet Stanton is called the same names by debunkers as the supposed "nut jobs" They laugh at Edgar Michael even now. Do you think Rich Reynolds or Plait or any of them could even make it through the training he had, physically or intellectually. He went to the moon folks.
I think it's is better to understand and have some compassion for what is happening. We need to admit that some people will come away from this with a profound spiritual experience and... this is what we should expect.
But it is fundamentalis of all kinds that has brought us here, and it has should stop. Science can and has been wrong especially about the big questions, and scientist can be horrible. In Germany many more scientist stayed then left. . And Religion can be wrong also. We've had the millions that have given their lives because they "knew" what they were doing was God's will and they all believed in different Gods.
It may be that God's real "chosen" never lived on this planet.
Joe Capp
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