Saturday, May 30, 2009

MIB Saturday

Quirky synchronicities today involving black SUVs. We saw two identical black SUVs, one behind the other, in the North part of town as we were doing errands. We made jokes about MIBS of course; I know, we're real UFO geeks. Much later, as we turned onto our street, we saw another black SUV just like the two previous ones; no markings on it but a sheriff -- who looked very serious, and he had a big moustache not seen since Tom Selleck was popular -- was behind the wheel. More MIB jokes, with a brief discussion on if that qualified as MIB or not. (It did. . .) As we were getting out of our car, another black SUV drove by, the man driving was looking intently at the houses as he drove by. He was probably just enjoying the front yards with all their roses. . . any other theory would be paranoid.

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