Sunday, May 3, 2009

Random things

New post at Saucer Sightings, which includes a link to my current UFO Digest article on shared UFO experiences.

At Women of Esoterica, I comment on Lesley's Grey Matters column. As usual, Lesley has an insightful take on culture as it compares to UFO and esoteric phenomena.

McMinnville, UFO Festival less than two weeks away!

A couple of links at Frame 352; one leads to a beautiful story about Sasquatch from a Native perspective.

Still finding swine signals --- this swine flu thing is one hell of an interesting thing to watch unfold, as I post on Octopus Confessional.

And wondering about my "nazi ufos" blog but if I keep the title "nazi ufos" won't that imply I'm a neo-nazi, white supremacist? Sure wouldn't want that mistake!

Also, a couple of small items at Vintage UFO.

In the current issue of UFO Magazine, I write about Snippy and some odd activity surrounding that classic story.

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