Sunday, February 21, 2010

Eagle Synchronicity

I had just finished my Trickster's Realm column for BoA today on eagles and UFO events. Part of that column includes this experience I wrote about on Saucer Sightings. Later, Jim, not knowing I had just written the TR piece, says to me: "There's an eagle ..." meaning an eagle on TV. The sound was off and I wasn't looking up; I'm on the laptop. Then I go to the Register Guard newspaper site and find the following disturbing item about horse deaths in Toppenish, Washington:

TOPPENISH, Wash. — Yakama Nation police are investigating the deaths of at least 11 horses near the southern boundary of the tribe’s reservation over the last few months.

Tribal Council Chairman Harry Smiskin told the Yakima Herald-Republic that few details were available, including whether the deaths are related.

Motorists reported seeing the carcasses from Highway 97 in the Satus Pass area, where thousands of horses roam in herds. Len Schulmeister, the owner of Pine Springs Resort, which is 13 miles north of Goldendale on Highway 97, said he had seen eagles eating at the carcasses of three or four horses.

Speculation has focused on whether the horses were killed as bait by eagle hunters.

Although eagle hunting is illegal, selling the feathers can be lucrative. (source: Register-Guard)
Everything about this story is tragic, including the weird reference to eagle feathers.


Deirdre (Interstellar Housewife) said...

I stayed in Toppenish the summer before last. I had been trying to explore areas around Mt. Adams and sort of overshot it a bit. It was murderously hot so I checkout out about 6 hours later at midnight, and decided I'd be better off just going home.

As I was leaving town, I noticed how insanely dark it was out there, so I pulled off down an unmarked country road. No trees or anything for miles. I looked up at the sky and was taken aback by the sheer amount of stars. But then I got this paranoid feeling suddenly, that someone was watching me or somehow near me, even though it was quite evident no one was. It got to a point where I had to just get in my car and leave because I was becoming unnerved.

Not related to the Eagles but its not often you hear Toppenish in the news and its the kind of place you could totally see something weird like that happening in.

Kithra said...

I was amazed at your post on Saucer Sightings - which I somehow missed first time around.

I too had the experience of the ceiling opening up and floating up into a dark night sky that was filled with stars. These reminded me of twinkling, brilliant, diamonds, and they had the most fantastic colours.

My experience didn't involve eagles, and I was only 11 or 12 when it happened, but it's still as clear today as when it happened. I've always put it down to having an OOBE, of which I've had a couple. I say that because I remember it ending with me looking back at myself in the bed, and then "coming to" with a bump.

So it was good to read that I'm not the only person who had a similar experience.