Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Anya is a Channel: New Women of Esoterica Contributor

Anya is a channel is our latest writer to join Women of Esoterica, and her first piece is does justice to the "esoteric" in WOE. Antediluvian Dreams and the Collective Unconscious: A very well written essay on the late, great Alexander McQueen, discusses the fashion designer's creativity that found inspiration in the esoteric:
The genius of Mr. McQueen's approach that was so different than his peers was that he frequently mined the subterranean depths of his own dreams and nightmares and came out with something that Jungian psychoanalysts could only refer to as a byproduct of the "anima"-- that of the feminine unconscious of the male, the shadow self, the primitive feminine, the Hindu goddess Kali the Destroyer compassionately rebuilding the lover she has thoughtlessly trampled in her blind dance of ecstasy, the witch, the Cassandra, the reptilian part of our gene code, the canary in a coal mine laying in wait in all of us, waiting to reveal the message.

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