Wednesday, February 10, 2010

All This Knocking Has Me Wondering... Things To Be Seen?

My previous post had me thinking of attention, which led me to intent, which led me to... all kinds of things, (except getting ready for work, which is what I should be doing!) -- but yesterday, and the past week or so really, I've been thinking about sightings. My own sightings of UFOs, which have been plenty, and some have been dramatic. While I've seen some odd and interesting things in the past few years, nothing I can say that's been ... well.. "big time." I want big time! I know, be careful what you wish for.  More specifically, I've been wondering about the whys of sightings; why have they seemingly diminished? Are "they" done with me? Am I with them? Something else altogether? And so on...

So, in connection with the knocks, and I have no idea why this is pulling me in that direction, the intent is out there: let's see something! It'll be interesting to see what the day holds...

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Deirdre (Interstellar Housewife) said...

This isn't about knocking, but it reminded me of something that happened to me on Friday. I was waiting for a friend to come over at about 8pm. Before she got here, I was lured outside by what I thought was kids screaming. But when I stepped onto the front porch I realized it wasn't children. It was very loud and seemed to be coming from different locations in a sort of half mile semi-radius from where I was standing.

I was disoriented a little, trying to figure out what it was. The best I could describe it was that it sounded like some kind of terrified bird sound mixed with a higher pitched sort of yelping 'howl' of a dog. But it didn't sound like just one thing, but *lots* of different things. It was the way it sounded -- as if it were all around me -- that had me disoriented.

I stood there about 2 minutes trying to figure out what I was actually hearing, and it steadily grew louder and seemed like more and more 'voices' were joining. At that point, I ran inside to get Maggie so she could hear it - I was gone all of 20 seconds and when we got to the porch, it was completely dead silent out.

I have ever heard anything like that before, and it was peculiar how the sound and its placement had left me a little 'spacey'.

I live in NE Portland, so while still within city limits, its more of a suburban feel about the neighborhood I live in, and I am very close to the river. The sound seemed to be coming from NE, N, and NW, in sort of an arc.