Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Just a no account, very small odd thing that happened yesterday. Started off with my hearing huge, loud thuds, very distinct, against the side of my house. It sounded like someone hitting the side of the house with a board or something. So I go outside, look down the driveway, and see . . . nothing. No one. No person, animal, or anything at all that could have made a sound like that. It wasn't a sound from far off bouncing off the house, --- this was a definite sound of something hitting the house. If it was a person doing it, I would have seen them walk away; simply no way I wouldn't have, given the layout of the place, and so on.

I go into work, just arriving, door of my room is open, and I hear loud knocking from somewhere out in the hall. Lots of activity in the building and that hall, including custodians and maintence workers, but they usually try to not do stuff like that doing school hours, and, again, I would have seen whatever, or whoever, was making the sound. But when I go out into the hall, I don't see anything.

Later that day, I'm outside on the school grounds, and hear a few loud thudding, knocking sounds. Look around, don't see anything that could be the cause of the sound.

I am sure in all three cases, there is an reasonable explanation for the sounds; but it was a bit eerie -- especially the knocks I heard at my house -- and, that this knocking occurred three times on the same day.

Within the framework of mundane occurrances being the cause for the sounds is room room for synchronicity and signals. Something is wanting my attention. Now I have to figure out what!


Mike Clelland! said...

Three sets of knocks?

How many knocks EACH time it happened? (I have a reason for asking)

Please lemme know...

Mike C!

Regan Lee said...

Hi Mike,

Are you asking because of the number three? as in Whitley's three knocks, and so on, ... I have had that happen in the past, but this was so loud and unnerving at first that I didn't keep count, though it was a few knocks, stop.... a few more, stop.... some more... but can't say with absolute surety it was three or not, or even sets of three...

Mike Clelland! said...

Yes - I was fishing for the 3 knocks (times three) from Whitley's book BREAKTHROUGH (I think).

Wait - I just had thoughts of Tony Orland and Dawn... Hmmm?