Monday, May 17, 2010

Erik Stitt of Contact on Colin Andrews

Erik at Contact has written a beautifully stated piece on Colin Andrews' presentation at the recent McMinnville conference. As I commented at Erik's blog, I simply haven't found the words yet to say what I want to say about that; but thankfully, Erik has, and hopefully his piece will give you some idea of the power, the profound nature, of Andrews presentation.

Erik comments on "the sound" -- the sounds of trills, chirps, electronic-metallic insect type sounds -- that affected me both emotionally as well as physically:
I felt the energy then as I feel it now.  The catalysts were many and plentiful.  Colin’s voice, the images he presented on the large screen and The Sound…The Sound.

The Sound took me to 1972 in my home in Clovis, California.  It took me to the mind of a five year old boy lying on top of the covers of his bed in his racecar jammies.  Lying with his hands laid out to his sides, palms up as he intuitively closed his eyes and simply had one wish.  He wanted to fly.  And fly he did!

I will never forget the look on my mother’s face the following morning as I told her,

“I saw you watching TV last night, Mommy.  I flew over your head and saw you watching that Bonanza Cowboy Show on the TV.”

I had mentioned in my post Mini Report From McMinnville: Chirps, Trills and Wasps, for UFOMystic how "the sound" as Erik refers to it, affected me:
Earlier in the presentation, Andrews played recordings taken in crop circles, and one taken in a tree. I had an immediate physical feeling while hearing one sound; it was under the skin, as if I were vibrating. During one of these recordings I literally could feel myself vibrating. I felt as if I were about to leave my body, I was having the same feeling I have when I have an OOBE. Jim didn’t have that same physical feeling, but he did have a strong emotional response:
“The sound gave me the impression there’s something underlying, primordial — some sound like something you’ve heard all the time, something that’s been there sublimely all along.”
There is so much here (including a bit of synchronicity involving a wasp, as I wrote in the above mentioned post) that clearly affected Erik, as well as myself and I know I can speak for Jim on this as well.

More to come on this, it is too important not to continue.

at UFOMystic


Erik said...

Thank you soo much for the nod, Ms. Regan. I'm glad my article resonated with you. I hope Colin likes it!

Colin Andrews said...

Hello Erik,

Thank you so much for your kind comments and your blog site.

It was a pleasure meeting you and your team at the conference last weekend.

What a great environment of fun and learning to bring folks together - perhaps an example of the way we should do more serious work on our planet.

Best wishes Erik and look forward to our interview when the dust settles.


Erik said...

Hello Colin-

In light of what myself and many others experienced with you that precious day of May 15th, I am very much eager to do this interview with you my new and very dear friend. I witnessed and experienced something because you that not only can I not explain it, I do not want to for fear of losing it. I am greatly indebted to you and what you do, you wonderful, wonderful person.

I hope that even the agents that were there that day got something out of what you presented. I cannot imagine them not being affected positively in some profound way as we all were. You were nothing less than amazing and again, I look forward to our chat together now more than ever. It is, of course, all on your terms and your time and only when you are ready.

Thank you, Colin for fully BEing you and being such a generous and kind person.

Cheers, Love and Grace,