Sunday, May 16, 2010

Military Intelligence: On the Fringes of Experiences

Much to process about the recent McMinnville UFO conference in Oregon, Colin Andrew's astounding and profound presentation in particular. (On that more to come.)

All the presentations were worth attending. Each of the presenters, Travis Walton, James Clarkson, and Colin Andrews, all had important things to share. And while very different from each other, there was a shared theme in all of their information. This shared theme extended from the official UFO conference speakers to individuals I spoke with also attending the conference. And that is the presence of military intelligence.

Travis Walton spoke on his personal abduction experience, of which we've all heard many times. But some information was new, at least to me, regarding the presence of human, or human looking beings that were on the craft, and the witness to what Walton saw who had some sort of connection to military intelligence.

James Clarkson's presentation on June Crain (Tell My Story) ... well, military intelligence is all over the place on that one.

And Colin Andrews (a most amazing presentation) has had his own dealings with military intelligence and shadowy agents both in the UK and the U.S., as has been mentioned on-line in the past. Andrews again made reference to the presence of military intelligence, and authorities of various natures, in his presentation. So much more to say on this last presentation, and that's for a future article, but this connection with human, military/government agencies goes way back; as Andrews shared, these profound and life changing experiences began when he was a child, during which he had contact with human soldiers within the context of high strangeness indeed.  His father was also a military man; more military connections.

In private conversations with different individuals I spoke with at the conference, there was the hint of a military connection; sometimes in the background, sometimes more overt. One man was in the military himself, and had seen and experienced very strange things in Area 51. Others had different experiences, but in all, someone in the witnesses arena of experience was in the military or law enforcement.  Either overtly, (actively in the Army or Navy, or sometimes a police officer, etc.) or covertly (can't talk about it, just allusions to "military intelligence," kind of thing.)

The presence of the "Military Intelligence," covert authorities affiliated with law is active on different levels:
  • Watchers and Infiltrators: monitoring UFO groups, posing as members, etc.
  • Manipulators: MILABS, social engineering, mind control . . .
  • Partners: uniformed humans seen with "aliens" aboard craft, during abductions and sightings. . .
  • Controllers: disinformation, misinformation, cover-ups, official debunking campaigns, faux investigations (Blue Book,) . . .

Some might suggest this is just statistics, after all, how many of us know people who are either in the military, or a cop, etc.? Well, as we know, when it comes to UFOs and all its related tendrils of on the fringe experience, there are no coincidences. Add that to the context and history of UFO activity since at least WWII, it becomes clear that what we loosely call "military intelligence" is all around this phenomena. Either by a personal connection (contactees and witnesses being ex-military or law enforcement themselves, or some kind of family connection) or because of outside interest from military intelligence, the connections are not due to statistical coincidences, but intentional complicity and manipulation.

The question is, why are military and related factions so damn interested in UFO and anomalous experiences? Why are they so interested in controlling and obscuring  those experiences?

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