Saturday, June 26, 2010

Forget UFOs, We Have Poop in Space

Watching an episode of Ancient Aliens recently, I noticed that Buzz Aldrin seemed, as he often does, like he’s definitely tuned into a frequency all his own. Something about his intensity and off the wall comments jars me a little. Sometimes he says something and I have no idea what he’s talking about. Is there a hidden agenda? A code he’s sending out to those in the know? His way of dealing with the reality of aliens on the moon?

Remember when Aldrin punched reporter Bart Sibrel?

  A recent Vanity Fair interview with Aldrin ignores the surreal obvious -- though does mention the infamous punching of the face -- and passes up a great opportunity to try to get a glimpse into the mind of Aldrin. Instead, there are waaaaay too many words written about poop in space.

While writer Eric Spitznagel did pick up on Aldrin’s inner world:

and told stories that occasionally rambled, sometimes ending with confusing sentences like “You have to appreciate these things in rotating coordinates.”

he doesn’t follow up on  that bit of weirdness. He goes for a series of questions about going to the bathroom in his astronaut suit.That lame-o line of questioning might be forgiven if Spitznagel had only stopped after the five or so questions regarding the scatological habits of astronauts in space, but for Spitznagel, human feces is far more interesting than extra terrestrials and UFOs:

Did you recognize what they were right away? A couple of years ago you hinted that you might’ve seen a UFO during a space mission. Is it possible you were just looking at floating bags of your own poo?

Aldrin responds pleasantly:

(Laughs.)  No, not at all. They were very close. We could certainly tell what they were.

to which Spitznagel lets that one go by, making yet another smirky poop reference.

And there’s interesting stuff about going back to the Moon, and to Mars, and colonization and the administrations response to space travel. But as to UFOs, nothing.

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