Sunday, June 27, 2010

Frank Feschino and Alfred Lehmberg on Church of Mabus

On the Church of Mabus, Frank Feschinoo and Alfred Lehmberg:
Jeffery Pritchett & Guy Weddle discuss the Undeclared Air War with ETs & EBEs with Frank Feschino author of Shoot Them Down: The Flying Saucer Air Wars of 1952! Alfred Lehmberg, Frank’s partner in crime helps break down the Flatwood’s Monster legend and more. Where we discuss what really happened and what the Monster really looked like based on testimony from actual witnesses. The American government waged war on UFOs to acquire technology. As well as the white wash of the brave soldiers who were involved in the air attack which resulted in the Flatwood’s incident. We discuss with Alfred the hogwash Ufology is Dead and how often naysayers use this term to cop out usually right before a Resurrection.
(As readers of the Orange Orb know, I've been ranting about the "UFOlogy is dead" line being "hogwash" as Lehmberg puts it . . . it's really so ridiculous for anyone involved in UFOlogy (I'm excluding the skeptibunkies) to take this idea seriously. )

Listen here or visit Church of Mabus site. 



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