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Orbs and Beams: Reader Sends In Images

A reader of The Orange Orb  sent me the following e-mail the other day. I'm not revealing the person's name and am using a false name, but this person wanted their photos shared and I have permission to repost. This individual who I'll call "Amelia" was interested in beams of light and orbs:
Good morning!

My name is "Amelia". [not her real name, I've changed her name per her request.]   I happened upon your site as I was in the process of trying to find information on beams of light.  I have several truly mysterious pics with unnatural beams of light in them.  I also have two orb photos with one orb in each pic, and these orbs are very large.  My husband and I are stunned at one photo in particular:  taken in bright sunlight on the the driveway next to our house, this beam is solid white with perfect dimensions that fades out gradually as it disappears in a rose garden . . .
The rose garden orb was invisible to the naked eye.  The picture is several years old, I believe, since I recently found it and noticed the beam.  I never saw it when the pic was first developed.  No UFO or craft was seen.  But I do notice in the  photo, an unidentified object, blue, shaped somewhat like a birdhouse.  It is partly seen on the right-hand corner of the house.

Of the orbs, I asked if it had been raining when she took the photos.  (Coincidentally, I have an image I took in a cemetery that has an orb that looks just like the one in the picture here.)

Again, there was no raining at the Lake Orb. . .
Is it possible there's UFO activity in some of Amelia's experiences? Even though she says she's never seen a UFO, strange things have happened that do point to a possible UFO event:

I have never seen a UFO, to my knowledge.  Something very awesome happened to me and my brother when I was about l0 and he was 8.  One evening before dark we walked into a grove of pines in front of our house.  He was following quietly behind me, for I was pretending to be a teacher. I was talking excitedly to him about Jesus, and told him everything I had learned in Sunday school.  As I talked, we both found ourselves surrounded by white light.  We were "in" the light, not looking at a light.  I quickly looked for my brother who had been right beside me, but I didn't see him.  I don't remember anything after that.  The next thing I remember is being in the light again when suddenly it vanished.  We were in the dark.  I believe some time must have passed since we were covered by the white light. (the light didn't hurt our eyes).  We ran into the house to tell our mother.  She was a skeptic about anything she couldn't see or hear, but she was a Christian.  She thought the light was a sign we should join the church, which we did.
My brother is married with grown children now and he remembers the story exactly as I did.  When I became an adult and read that one of the signs of abduction is a "scoop mark", I looked under my right knee and I have a scooped out round scar.  It is possible it could be a scar from chicken pox.  I was taking a bath one night, and we didn't have any curtains on the window beside the tub.  I was scared that someone might see me, so I looked up at the window .  I was shocked to see a figure from the shoulders up.  It was all in white, the shirt was white, and it looked like it had a white cap or hat on.  I became paralyzed with fear.  I looked down at the water and couldn't move, barely breathing.  I couldn't look up, I couldn't move a muscle.  I finally forced myself to look up at the window again, and when I did, the figure was still there but then moved out of the window by moving toward the side until it disappeared.  We lived in an isolated place, so it was unlikely an intruder.  That was the first and last time I had a mysterious encounter that might be interpreted as an alien.

I cannot cover the many strange experiences I've had over the years.  Every house I ever lived in was haunted, including the house I moved into with my first husband.  That house had many paranormal events.  His mother had died seven years before and the house hadn't been touched.  The furnishings were kept as they were until we moved in.  Although I didn't see a ghost there,  at times I could feel the presence of someone there.  When my  daughter was not quite 3 yrs.old,  she came to me in the kitchen one day.  She said, "I have a little grandmother who plays with me in the playroom".  She had a nice pink playroom that once belonged to my husband's sister.  Realizing what she might possibly be seeing, I decided to show her a picture of her grandmother who had lived there.  She was small and petite, "small" as my daughter had said.  When she looked at the picture she said it was the little grandmother.  It wasn't raining at the Lake Orb. Yes, I finally did see a "ghost" this past Jan.  in our house,  a week before my husband had seen a dark form go past our door.  What I saw was shocking.  A "mass" of what looked like T.V. static, and was shaped like a form, quickly materialized into a ghost in front of our door.  It walked quickly down the hall in robes and sort of a turban-like dk. red head covering.  I saw it's profile and saw that it was looking straight ahead.  I ran and told my husband.  I had already seen a black shadow coming up the hall early one morning, and it exited into our computer room.  It moved very fast.

My husband saw a young adolescent boy in jeans and white t-shirt early one morning before daylight. . . . [it] could have touched him he was so close.  Two of our preteen grandsons were sleeping on the floor on the other side of the couch from the boy ghost.
The next morning that room smelled horrible, like 100 pairs of dirty socks!  I had smelled that filthy, grease-smelling, rotten odor several times before in the house, always in different places.  I firmly believe that boy ghost was somehow related to that smell .  .   .our house is very haunted, and I have been here since Nov. '87.  It is quite interesting to me some of the things we have witnessed here. 
Amelia comments she has had other experiences, and will share them with me in the future:
When I write later I would like to share a couple of those experiences, if you don't mind.  My husband used to be a non-believer in ghosts, but he believes in them now.  Aside from the other incredible incidents,  we first started hearing people talking after we were in bed, but we could never understand what they were saying.  And my husband would hear what sounded like 2 or 3 men talking outside the bathrooom, coming from outside the house from the bathroom.  It was very clearly people talking.  We have also heard women talking, laughing, and singing.  One night when I was on the couch, I woke up before 4 a.m. to hear women's voices talking and laughing.  One woman's voice stood out.  At about 4:oo a.m., I was staring down the hall where the voices had come from when what looked like a large burning torch appeared at the end of the hall, about halfway up the hall.  I watched it in shock as it glowed for about 20 seconds.  Then it disappeared.

There is a strong male voice, very sophisticated DJ-type voice, that has talked to me.  (I didn't talk to it.)  It asked me in the hallway late one night, "_____________ why did you?........) and then it stopped.  Another time in the bathroom,  I heard the same voice say mockingly, "Oh---my---God".  I had been saying that all the time when something bad happened, and this?  It is hard to believe, even for me.
I am always so appreciative of people who share their stories with me.
Amelia's experiences are varied, from ghosts to UFOs, or at least, UFO like activity. It seems Amelia is a medium; like her, I have had these kinds of experiences, since childhood. It may seem odd on the surface, as well as jangled... hearing voices, lights beams, orbs, cones of light, odors, and all the rest, but I know of really quite a good number of people who have had not only UFO/"alien" experiences, but also the kinds of experiences Amelia describes.

In cases like this, one of things I always wonder about is the UFO/alien connection -- if there is one. Does the UFO phenomena mimic what we'd call hauntings? Or they aware of it, do they cause it, or interact in some way? Or manipulate? Or is there simply no connection at all?

As far as beams and orbs, particularly in relation to we loosely call hauntings, clearly it's some kind of energy manifesting. Sometimes we're lucky and are able to capture it on film; sometimes the medium inside of us responds to these energies and we can sense, hear and smell these energies.

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Anonymous said...

What a great letter from 'Amelia'!

How interesting her mother interpreted the white light that engulfed her and her brother as a sign from God. And also that it occured when 'Amelia' was instructing her little brother about Jesus. There's usually that religious connection.

Also, that paranormal connection. Wow! I don't think I could live in a home like that. The voice "mocking" her is chilling! It's aware of her own reactions and is toying with her.

I think it's all related - ufos, paranormal, orbs, beams of light, ghosts, disembodied voices, religious messages ect. The whole ball of wax!

I look forward to reading more about 'Amelia'. I appreciate her sharing this through you, Regan!