Wednesday, June 30, 2010

James Carrion and CUT: Carrion Responds to the Clowns in the Tent

James Carrion responds to criticisms of his views on UFOlogy and his brand new organization CUT: Blasphemy Will Get You Stoned.  (Read my earlier post on CUT: James Carrion and CUT
Carrion begins his blog post by remarking:
It has been interesting to read the various reactions from those inside the circus tent of Ufology to the formation of the Center for UFO Truth.
Referring to witnesses, observers, researchers and investigators as being “inside the circus tent of UFOlogy. . .” in the first sentence doesn’t seem the best way to make friends, but Carrion is after the truth, not friends.

Carrion's purpose in creating CUT is to “prove” that UFOs are creations of the government to distract citizens from classified technology during the Cold War.

As I pointed out in my earlier post, this is not news. Researchers have been aware of the government’s intentional manipulation of the UFO phenomenon -- even creating it at times -- for various reasons (cover-up of techonology, distraction, misinformation, etc.)

However, that fact does not provide an answer to the entire UFO phenomenon that predates the Cold War. Or even for all of what went on during the Cold War, WWII, etc. For whatever reason, pure stubbornness, ignorance, disinfo, Carrion cannot, or won’t, get this. His Holy Grail is to prove with giant piles of official documentation, that the U.S. government basically created the UFO phenomena. Anyone who doesn’t buy into that idea is a tin foil hat wearing clown, a life long member of the UFO “circus.”

He is dismissive of anyone who rejects his intentions:
If you are a staunch believer, don’t worry, CUT will not present evidence at your pulpit anyway.
Only the briiliant ones will get to behold such knowledge, the rest of us can go, as my mother-in-law used to say, "piss in a pot."

Carrion cites the Kenneth Arnold sighting as one case where the government was involved, not non-human caused UFOs:
If CUT can unequivocally prove that United States and its allies hijacked the UFO theme for Cold War purposes and that Kenneth Arnold’s sighting and Roswell were part of this deception, through authenticated documents, rather than anecdotal evidence, then critical thinkers should take notice.

No doubt, as with quite a lot of UFO events, there was government invovlement, the Arnold case and Roswell included. Again: this does not in any way prove that the UFO phenomena is/was solely a human-made, government created phenomemon.
In one sense, there’s no there, there. We know the government was invovled in staging, creating, and manipulating UFO events. Yet when it comes to extending this fact into other areas, like the idea of MILABS, psy-ops in general, mind control and so on, you’ve quickly entered  into conspiracy terrority, which is just a few inches over from the ”circus” Carrion despsies so much.


Mike Clelland! said...

James Carrion is an interesting fellow. I am not sure how to take his announcement.

Anytime anyone in he UFO circles uses the word TRUTH, I need to roll my eyes. The "truth" is decidedly murky.

One of his Goals:
"To research the UFO Subject through authenticated official United States government documents"

What about people like Regan Lee? Why not ask her (or me) what kind of experiences WE'VE had? He would end up with a VERY confusing set of unbelievable data points. Lots of round pegs that won't fit in his square holes.

Better to focus on dust documents from our lying government.

Oh well...

peace to you (even James)
Mike C!

Anonymous said...

If Carrion insists that UFOs are simply a "Cold War" ruse, he doesn't know the history of the subject well enough.

Yes, there may be gov-pseudo UFOs and MILABs, but the core subject of UFOs appears to go back to the beginning of humanity, considering what was painted on cave walls and the 'holy' stories in religious texts from around the world.

And that "circus" remark of his is uncalled for. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you!