Thursday, July 1, 2010

Joe Capp on Carrion

Joseph Capp at UFO Media Matters has written a good piece on James Carrion's search for truth: James Carrion: "The Center For UFO Truth?"

I tried to leave a comment there but for some reason Goolge/blogger was behaving oddly and I couldn't post. Here's what I wrote:
Another excellent post Joseph. I've been writing about this latest UFO Police caper as well.

We all know the government manipulated UFO scenarios for their benefit and our distraction. Nothing new. Proof that this is so will not provide the world with the Big Final UFO Answer.
Meanwhile, Carrion continues with his classist, insulting snobbery towards much of what is UFO-ness.
He doesn't understand that he's a part of the "circus" as anyone else, and the sought after Big Science he so desperately wants to be a part of won't have him. They won't have any of us, of it, of this.
There are cracks and leaks and mavericks and you can get in, sometimes, through the back way but will never be invited in through the front and to stay awhile.
Meanwhile, there is a wonderful, complicated, weird, rich world -- or, "circus" -- of experience to be explored.

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