Friday, July 2, 2010

My Truth Can Beat Up Your Truth

"My truth is bigger, better, stronger than your truth. My truth can beat up your truth. My truth IS the truth, your truth is not the truth. How do I know? I have the truth!" (Surreal and wants you to bang your head against a steel beam for about ten hours straight, doesn't it? )So, the latest drama in the so-called UFO "circus" has been James Carrion's announcement of his new organization CUT. (Center for UFO Truth.)
"CUT will work outside of the three ring circus that is Ufology. . . "
He won't acknowledge his own participation in this so-called "circus" but once you're in, you're in. And once you've been the Director of MUFON, have a UFO blog, and start an Official UFO Organization that also contains the word "truth" in it, you are not only in, you're one of the top acts.

But this idea that UFOlogy is a "circus" is something of a lie. The UFO phenomena has always had its share of the bizzarre and the colorful, giving the field an overall carnival tinge to things. That's just part of the whole process, you can't have one (people seeing odd lights and machines in the skies) without the other (oh, say, reptilian lizard lovers or Venusians in the desert.) Call it the trickster element or what have you, in all of esoterica -- and UFOs are a part of that esoteric landscape -- there has always been, is, and will always be, extra layers of weird.

In spite of this obvious aspect, there are those who want to stay at the "circus" but don't want to be seen. They're terribly embarrassed by everything about it; from the clowns to the bearded lady to the acrobats, yet can't seem to leave. And when they do leave, the tell tale signs they were are part of this "circus" follow them wherever they go. Big Science or some other acceptable institution which, no matter how badly these embarrassed ex-circus members want it to happen, will never let them in.

In Carrion's case, it isn't so much that he's created CUT, it's the context. We have an ex-director of MUFON, a once respected (no matter what your opinion of MUFON, at least they had the air of respectibility) who's said some disdainful things  about UFO witnesses-researchers-pundits-experiencers-whatevers. 

He quits MUFON and starts CUT, in an effort to find the truth about UFOs. Like the so-called trickster element whose presence so many deny, the idea that there's a UFO "truth" is a paradox. This "truth" is valid as well as elusive. There is no single "truth" and yet the "truth" is everywhere. It's been scattered around us for so long and in so many places we're constantly stubbing our toes on it.

Of course, that's my idea of the "truth" and I don't have the truth anymore than you do.

Carrion's idea is that the government intentionally manipulated UFO events to distract citizens away from classified technologies and operations. No news flash there. And proof --  more proof that is -- that this has happened doesn't solve anything about the UFO phenomena. It doesn't give us the Big Answer. Documents proving that the government was responsible for Roswell, or Kenneth Arnold's sightings doesn't put an end to things.

So, let's say Carrion gets proof of the U.S. government's involvement of certain UFO events? Then what is he going to do?

How does that answer abductions, various entities like our beloved reptilians (I know, I have a thing for reptilians), USOs, cattle mutilations, MIBS, telepathic communications between "aliens" and humans, orbs, spheres, triangles, leaving the body, missing time, and a very long list of anomalous experiences? Not to mention the last, oh, elevenity-hundred years or so of UFO-alien contact.

No doubt Carrion would say the above listed UFO elements are merely the lowest form of circus entertainment, and not to be seriously discussed. See how we're in a loop of non-discovery? Dismiss all the things you're embarrassed or offended by (yet call yourself a researcher anyway) (one who wants the "truth") all the while stating to the world you're on a search for the truth.

A Final Note
I don't agree much with Carrion's views, (in fact, often finding them downright insulting)  but I will say that he does at least question Bigelow's involvement in MUFON and UFOs in general:
And then there’s Robert Bigelow, benefactor of the paranormal, champion of space science and extraterrestrial science. What a swell guy funneling dollars into UFO research. Of course it is easy to take the altruistic philanthropist pedestal when not disclosing the true source of those dollars, giving out government security clearances to prominent UFO researchers and then hiding behind signed non-disclosure agreements. Visions of Howard Hughes begin to swim around in my mind.
Of course, that's a whole other topic, including Carrion's surrounding comments in that post. 


Anonymous said...

Carrion's words: "giving out government security clearances to promenent UFO researchers and then hiding behind signed non-disclosure agreements" - - -

Yes, have to give Carrion props on that! And it is sketchy! - Where does Bigelow's power to do this come from? What/who is behind Bigelow?

Is this why the Skinwalker Ranch project sort of went into the dark after Colm Kelleher's book on the subject? - "non-disclosure agreements" ect....

Lesley said...

I will quote the Tori Amos song Spark, it seems to fit:

You say you don't want it again
And again but you don't really mean it
You say you don't want it
This cirucs we're in
But you don't you don't really mean it
You don't really mean it
How may fates turn around in the overtime
Ballerinas that have fins that you'll never find
You thought that you were the bomb yeah
Well so did I
Say you don't want it
Say you don't want it
Say you don't want it again
And again but you don't really mean it
Say you don't want it
This circus we're in
But you don't you don't really mean it
You don't really mean it

Mike Clelland! said...

Right On Regan!

Regan Lee said...

thanks brownie.

I question Bigelow's hijacking of UFO sightings -- he might be a well meaning interested eccentric ga-zillionaire, or, something more sinister. I go for the sinister.

Regan Lee said...

Lesley, thanks, I love Tori as well, that's a good fit for all this!

Regan Lee said...

Mike my friend, hey! lol, thanks...

Lesley said...

I don't trust Bigelow either. I know of several cases where NIDS came in and gathered all physical evidence, sometimes even buying it. They promised these people that their reports on the evidence would be made available and that it would be returned - neither of those things happened.