Saturday, July 10, 2010

From Speculative Realms: "DIe, UFOlogy, Die!"

The fraud is not the main event. The fraud is sleight of hand to accomplish the suspension of analytic activity in the reader’s mind so that the apocalyptic message can enter, through the backdoor, the rooms of the mind where it finds its welcome.
That's from an excellent article by Gary Haden at Speculative Realms: "Die, UFOlogy, Die!"

UFOlogy isn't dead now, and it never was. It's a meme, a myth, that UFOlogy is "dead."  UFOlogy is shifting, lots of upheavals as we've recently seen (Jacobs, Carrion, Texas MUFON, etc.) but all of those episodes and more haven't killed UFOlogy, just shook it up a lot.

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terry the censor said...

Ufology is not dead but it could die out. The empirically minded in this field tend to be older folks who remember their awe at the early space program (and of course the empiricists who are not persuaded).
The young people today seem to be fact-free super-conspiracists who also uncritically accept every possible paranormal and New Age angle. It's the return of the contactees, in a way.