Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Red Bluejay: Birds and Omens

I'm standing inside a grove of trees. It's daytime. A woman is with me; she's tall, possibly in her mid to late thirties, long white hair, dressed in a long white gown, with gold trim. She's slightly pale; not unhealthy, just a white cast to her skin. She lives here, or knows all about this place, and is my guide to this place. Not many are allowed to come here, or know about this place. I don't know why I'm here exactly, or how I got here, but here I am.

I'm in the middle of the grove, the woman is behind me, slightly to my left. A blue jay appears and flies, in circles, around me, faster and faster. I am excited and surprised at both the appearance of the blue jay, as well as its behavior. The blue jay looks exactly like a blue jay, except that it's red. I call out "Look, look at that! The blue jay is red, it's red!" almost like a child would exclaim. The bird keeps flying around me, in a perfect circle, faster and faster. Now I'm feeling a little alarmed; this is strange behavior for any bird.

The woman tells me to stand still, and watch. And wait. 

The red blue jay keeps flying faster, ever faster, in a circle around me. Then it changes into a hummingbird. I call out, again almost like a child:  "It's a hummingbird, a hummingbird! It turned into a hummingbird!" The woman tells me to look closer, and I realize it's not a hummingbird, it's not a bird of any kind, it's an orb.

A small reddish-brown orb, a solid object, a definite machine of some kind. The orb keeps moving around me, ever faster, in a circle, as I stand there. The woman sternly tells me to stay there and watch. What I'm about to see is very important, she tells me, and I'm here for a reason.

And unfortunately, that's when I wake up.

I had this dream the night I posted this item about Colin Andrews news about an orb and crop circles. The next day I received an email from Colin Andrews. And found  that Nick Redfern had a moving post about his recent experiences with birds: Dead Birds, on There's Something in the Woods.

A few days ago I experienced bird synchronicities. We were driving out Lorane Highway on our way to "The House of Mystery," Oregon's vortex in Gold Hill (a place known for being a UFO hot spot of sorts, and home to some abduction accounts, one which I wrote about here.) The night before, I had a persistent uncomfortable feeling about driving out there. As much as I wanted to see the place, I just didn't feel right about going out there. I woke up bitchy and grumpy and told Jim if he didn't want to go it was all right. He said it was fine. As we were driving, we saw vultures on the side of the road. Not unusual to see vultures but we don't often see them right on the side of the road like that, just standing there. Suddenly, just as we drive by, one swoops up into the air, a long snake dangling from its claws.  We both thought that was odd, and kept driving.

I told Jim again that we didn't have to go; this time he said he didn't want to go either. By this time we were on the interstate; too far to turn back for nothing, yet, didn't want to go. He told me he couldn't explain it but had the same feeling. He didn't say anything because he didn't want to influence me, and knew I wanted to go. I assured him I couldn't explain it but had a bad feeling about going. We happily agreed to go to Wildlife Safari instead and had a great time.

On the way back, traveling again on Lorane Highway, we saw more vultures  standing right on the side of the road, several miles from where we saw the first vultures. We commented on how odd this was, then noticed the vulture was standing on top of a dead deer.


Mike Clelland! said...


Very interesting stuff! All the bird imagery is really curious, there is LOTS to ponder! The richness of the icons allows for a lot of interpretations, and I know that feeling of: "What I'm about to see is very important, she tells me, and I'm here for a reason." That seems to show up in my dreams too, and the fact that you chose to write this out, and share it with the world, implies a deeper meaning.

And - a bird shows up in the other story (linked), the talking crow!

Now, I get the feeling that I'm gunna be seeing a lot of birds after reading and commenting on your post. (I saw a bald eagle circling above my house yesterday)

I recently did an audio interview with a woman named Diana (a good name for a mystical nature psychic!) and during that interview I had birds flying right up close to my window, very unusual, and at VERY curious points in the conversation - I love this kind of stuff. The list of animal wisdom is from her web site.


Jay's Wisdom Includes:

• Understanding how to use power wisely
• Warning
• Courage
• Ability to check on future trouble spots

Hummingbirds's Wisdom Includes:

• Ability to heal by using light as a laser from mouth
• Endurance over long journeys
• Ability to fly into small places to heal
• Joy
• Happiness
• Love

Crow Wisdom Includes:

• Guardian of the place before existence
• Ability to move in space and time
• Honoring ancestors
• Ethics and Ethical behavior
• Carrier of souls from darkness into light
• Working without fear in darkness
• Guidance while working in shadow
• Moves freely in the void
• Understands all things related to ethics
• Shapeshifter

Vulture Wisdom Includes:

• Death and rebirth
• Prophecy
• Love of the Mother goddess
• Knowledge concerning the death of a loved one
• New vision
• Purification

Snake Wisdom Includes:

• Messenger of the Rainbow Serpent
• Elusiveness
• Manipulates lightning
• Transmutation
• Exploration of the mysteries of life
• Primitive or elemental energy
• Protection from religious persecution
• Goddess energy
• Psychic energy
• Creative power
• Immortality
• Connection to or forms the magic cord by which the shaman travels to the soul world

Mike Clelland! said...
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Mike Clelland! said...
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