Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Jacobs Gives Emma Woods False Suggestion

Why hasn't Jacobs been -- I don't know, arrested, called up on ethics charges, something? And why is the UFO community still oddly silent (save for a few, like Vaeni for example) on this?

Posted by Christian Fedor-Flores-Cordova via Facebook: Emma Woods given a false suggestion by David Jacobs.


Anonymous said...

On UFO Watchdog - the Podcast interviews of Jacobs (with Hopkins) as well as follow up comments made by Gene Steinberg and Christopher O'Brien -- all negative about 'Emma Woods'.

Hopkins trashes Emma Woods, completely backing up Jacobs (well, they need eachother in their co-dependence as hypnosis-driven abductionologists).

And Emma was banned from posting at the Paracast because she would not reveal her true name (yet so many abductees use pseudonyms).

Also, those of us who posted on Paracast, questioning the negative attacks made by Steinberg (and O'Brien) were formally sanctioned (I have a 'ding' next to my 'handle') and threatened with banning. Steinberg wrote publically to me to "stay in line, or do you want to be banned?". Say what?! I don't actively post there anymore because it's so rancorous and posts that question Jacobs often get deleted quickly by Steinberg or O'Brien.

For whatever reason, Jacobs is being protected by the very people in Ufology that should be calling him out. And highly unlikely excuses are being made for Jacobs - that 'Emma Woods' "doctored" the tapes (Steinberg's idea) and that she is "mentally ill" and a "stalker" (Steinberg and O'Brien).

It seems, in reality, that it is Jacobs who may be mentally ill and is an experiencer of some sort (as he claimed in the tapes that hybrids are after him). He also has no ethical boundaries - putting false suggestions into a client's mind. Just horrible!

Regan Lee said...

Thank you brownie. I haven't been following the threads over there for a long time, but I am aware of their defense of Jacobs, but more than that, their over the top hostility towards Woods. And since then, pretty much silence from the "UFO community" at large, with some exceptions.

Lesley said...

Just a thought, but many or maybe even most of UFOlogy won't even admit abductions take place. They totally try to ignore the topic, so it isn't surprising that they haven't said anything. Then there are people like myself that haven't had time to follow it very closely and therefore don't feel they know enough to comment.

terry the censor said...

I think the FBI should look into alien abductions in general: either crimes are being committed across state lines by foreign agents, or investigators are committing fraud (Emma is in Australia, I believe, making Jacobs' actions a federal issue).
At the very least, Jacobs' university should look into his unethical practices. He's a historian, not a psychologist.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I'm not on Facebook (and never will be again)-- so I can't see the post you're referring to.