Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Random Thought for the Day: Did the Ancients Hoax UFOs?

Just over at the ol' JREF and came across a post by some obviously new to the skeptoid realm and naive as to their evil ways, or, a troll. Either way, posts a link to a UFO documentary, with an account of his own sighting, and a "What do you think?"

Naturally the responses, short and few as they are, were anything but curious as to anything close to discovering anything about UFOs; just yawns and silly jokes, as well as insults. Among those responses, comments about UFOs being hoaxed.

Which got me wondering: while in our modern times there have certainly been UFO hoaxes, I wondered about all the centuries worth of UFO sightings. And did anyone from two hundred, three hundred, years ago hoax a UFO sighting? Or whatever it was they called UFOs back then. What about centuries ago? Did ancient Egyptians goof around and fake flying saucers? I doubt it. Possibly some snarky high priest did something with lots of incense and noise to confuse and lull the masses but as to UFOs...

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