Monday, August 30, 2010

Entering the Orchid: A Glimpse Into the Orb?

 Red Canna, Georgia O’Keefe, 1923 (University of Arizona Art Museum)

Progress, maybe, or something, on my experiment here with intent, conscious recall, retrieving memories of the Orange Orb sighting. . . as I do every night, I go through a sort of meditation/prayer/vision routine. I wasn't thinking consciously of anything to do with UFOs, the paranormal but mundane things, when suddenly my head sort of exploded in a burst of orange. (Sharing a similar experience with this.) As that was happening, I felt myself, not leaving my body, as has happened many times with OOBEs, but a sort of reverse OOBE; I was falling inward. Falling into my third eye, into the orange, and then a large flower shape appeared that was an off white, cream color, oval or almond in shape, that opened to reveal another shape. This shape was more of a figure with an inverted triangle head, very faint. It had eyes, that were closed, but as I "zoomed" or fell in closer, it abruptly opened its eyes, which were the typical huge black eyes of the so-called grays.

At that moment, I had a vivid lucid dream experience. I "shouted" "Oh, you've got to be kidding me!" which sounds very funny right now, but at the time, I was almost pissed at the idea this pop-culture icon that's become a cliche and a joke in many ways, appeared to me. Arriving first almost invisibly, as a shadow, a faint outline, then becoming more defined, sharper in detail and image --- for what? Was this an accurate and literal mind post-card, a psychic encounter of something that is just as it appears, or something created out of my own mind because it's familiar, no matter how silly?

If looked at with the tools of imagery and metaphor, maybe this was a sign that I'm getting somewhere, and these images: orange light, oval petal, small gray, are offered because they are familiar acting as guides. Guides to what, is yet to be discovered.

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