Friday, August 27, 2010

Fluorescent Images, Random Synchronicities

Before going off to bed I'll pass along a little bit of weirdness that I've been experiencing lately. The first concerns dreams and "mind postcards." I've discussed before how I sing, fly, eat, can smell odors, feel, cry, etc. in my dreams. I almost always dream in color, and often times, the color of a particular object is very important in the dream. I've had a couple of dreams where the dream is in color, but a small part will be in black and white -- one dream I recall, was in color, but the TV set that was on in the dream was in black and white. I've changed genders, point of view of course, turned into animals, had lucid moments, and have been able, at times, to get the dream back after waking up. I've also had precognitive dreams, visitations, astral projections or OOBEs. But I've never had what happened the other night.

I wasn't in my own home; I was spending the night out of town. It's a place I've been many times, so I am used to the environment. I was in a lot of physical discomfort -- had a lot of trouble getting to sleep -- but managed to finally drift off. I was in that state where I'm almost completely asleep, just fallen asleep, and immediately started having these intense, weird images/dreams being "downloaded" is how I'd describe it, into my head. They were in color, but . . . they were also garishly bright and vivid, like the fluorescent colors you'd see on black light posters, mainly reds, yellows and oranges but all colors. It was so different, and so weird, it startled the hell out of me, it even scared me a little, and I was afraid to get back to sleep, as much as I wanted to get to sleep, and had been trying to all night.

The other odd thing that's been happening in the past week: random synchronicities. Mostly trivial synchronicites. I can't recall specifics and the few I can are too personal but what's been happening is I think of something, -- usually very trivial, and later that day or the next day, that person, or thing, pops up in my reality.

One specific example I do recall, because it happened today: for the past two days the film The Heiress, starring Olivia de Havilland, had popped into my mind. It's a movie I've seen but why I would just randomly think of it I have no idea. Today I saw that it's playing on television. So lots of mainly trivial, random things like that.

I was talking once with someone who's wise about these things, and I was complaining that these synchronicities, while intense in the fact that they appear, are so damn silly in their trivialities. She told me that the synchronicities themselves -- the fact they exist -- and that we notice them -- is the point, not so much the quality of those moments. Hmm.  Continuing, she said we're pretty dense, and it takes a lot of little taps for us to notice; if it were one big thing it might startle us too much and paradoxically, we still wouldn't get it.

Oh, one more thing: the timing of this coincides with the arrival of Tim Beckley's latest publication from Global Communications: Curse of the Men-In-Black, which I read cover to cover in one sitting. Ha!

And just because I love old movies, here's the trailer for The Heiress with Miss de Havilland:

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Mike Clelland! said...

Who is your friend who is "wise about these things" ? What are her experiences?

And - lots of little synchronicities? Hmmm, you are describing my life!

Mike C!