Sunday, August 1, 2010

Old News is No News: Mark Pilkington's Mirage Men

Full disclosure: I haven't read the book.This is not a book review; it's about the idea of the book's premise, from what I've been gleaning so far. From what I've been reading about Pilkington's book Mirage Men, the thesis is that UFOs are creations of our government. There are no "real" UFOs; just machines and stories about encounters made by man to confuse its citizenry and mask secret operations.

This is old news. But beyond this simplistic "revelation" about UFOs is the fact the government has been getting away with murder, both figuratively and literally, using UFOs as a convenient smoke screen. Isn't anyone curious about what's been hidden from us? Put aside "beliefs" about UFOs, they exist, they don't exist, aliens are real, aliens are fantasy -- just forget all that for now. Ask yourselves what is it the government is doing behind those flying saucers are here! scenarios.

A danger with books like this is that the mainstream culture  will think it's been offered an explanation for all those crazy UFO stories, and move on. Even some within the fringes who study UFOs will accept this. Including those "new thugs" that pose as UFO investigators or researchers but are part debunker-skeptic, part dilettante. Meanwhile, the government continues to perform often illegal maneuvers around us, and no one's questioning that. In fact, stepping beyond the line of questioning will get you quickly slapped with a Tin Foil Hat sticker and you're shoved over to the kook side. Mention chemtrails and it's all over.

Okay, Pilkington and fans, UFOs don't exist. Forgetting obviously that UFO means unidentified object and not alien from mars in a flying saucer ... oh never mind. Sigh. Yet we still have, say, spheres showing up in our skies -- these have been photographed dozens of times over -- what are they? Whose are they? What are they doing? What about the video of a sphere I saw years ago, taken by a local witness, that seemed to disappear but upon close examination was till there, merely cloaked to near invisibility? What was the thing spraying onto the residences -- and people! -- below; for spraying some kind of mist like substance it was.  Doesn't anyone want to know about those kinds of things?

Let's take my own missing time experiences, that occurred within a UFO context. And let's say, for argument, that this "UFO context" was government created. If so -- missing time, UFO -- then that means our government was doing something obviously immoral, unethical, and illegal. Which is frightening. For that means, if it's not UFOs, not mental abberation (shared by two people, two and possibly three, different times), then what was it? Why the persistence of a UFO based setting? WHERE WERE WE FOR ALL THOSE MISSING HOURS??!!

But see, now we're entering MILAB territory, which is paranoid kook fringe fantasy, so no one is going to listen to that, because UFOs don't exist, the government just uses that to . . . you see how this all becomes a circling back of absolutely no answers at all, while maintaining cover-ups? In typical cosmic joker trickster fashion, the idea of the government using UFOs as a cover for their shadow projects is a cover for the government's covering up . . . because not many are questioning beyond the initial cover.


SnoopyTheGoon said...

Well, no one can claim that the method doesn't work for the government(s). Too many years of successful use of that "magic" circle. As I always say, the best place to hide a leaf will be in a tree.

Let's not despair.

terry the censor said...

Without the focus of the book's actual content, you're all over the place, and the effect is ... spectacularly nutty. Seems out of character.

Regan Lee said...

"Spectacularly nutty?" :)