Thursday, September 23, 2010

And . . . more owls

Yes, more owls. Today in a room at work; the large bulletin board had . . . owls. Owl figures all over the place.

All this owl synchronicity -- in part, as I wrote earlier (see my owl posts below) it's messages, signals, signs, along the lines of "they're noticing you're noticing them" kind of thing. I put the intent out, as to conscious recall of orange-orb and related encounters, including missing time, and this is what happens. Throw in my affinity and relationship with animals, and we're off. But on a more mundane level, it's possible that owls are a new fashionable/trend/fad image in the culture stream; nothing esoteric, although, it is esoteric. The young person wearing a tee shirt with a giant owl on it is just wearing something they think is cool or looks good, but I doubt they're into esoteric-alien abduction-Illuminati symbolism.

But "they" know. Heh.

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