Monday, September 20, 2010

More Owls. . .

I 've been posting lately about owl synchronities and imagery in media. The other day I posted about another owl synchronicity: at work, someone came in wearing a large tee-shirt with a large cartoonish human figure that was part owl.  Mike Clelland commented that the post was "curiously cryptic," -- I didn't mean to be esoteric, just noting the weird owl synchronicities in my life lately. Of course, Mike has his own long term synchrocratic relationship with owls!

And so today found me in a room with a woman wearing large--- really large-- silver hoops, with some kind of figure inside the hoop. At first I thought they were some kind of flower, or leaf motif, but after awhile, I realized: yes, they were owls! Large silver colored owls, perched upon even larger hoops.

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Mike Clelland! said...

Last summer I made a sort of pledge, that I wasn't going to pay attention to owls that were off at my periphery. I had been seeing so many owls that I needed some way to filter out the ones I saw that were just sitting in a tree as I drove down the road, those didn't count.

I literally stated out-loud that I would pay much closer attention if the owls somehow crossed my path. Basically, they needed to swoop down in front of me, as if they were demanding my attention. Well, almost immediately after my declaration, the owls seemed to respond - and they would appear in front of me in flight - cleanly bisecting my path.

Last winter and this summer, I didn't see may owls. I saw a few off on the side of the road as I was driving, but for the most part it felt like they had eased off.

The overt owl "performance" where they cross my path happened multiple times in October of 2009, and and then pretty much nothing for a almost a full year. But then, it happened twice last week while I was recording and editing an audio essay on the hectic events of the month of October 2009.