Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Brazen Hussies Invade Earth! Serious UFO Research Attacked!

 Cigarette Smoking Woman Single-handedly brings down UFO research! In her slip, no less!

Disclosure:  I write for both the on-line 'zine, UFO Digest, as well as the print publication UFO Magazine. 

When Deirdre O'Lavery of Interstellar Housewife and JAR announced she was UFO Magazine's newest columnist, I was thrilled. She shared some of her ideas for her column's title with myself and a few others, including fellow UFO Magazine columnists Lesley Gunter at The Debris Field  and Alfred Lehmberg of Alien View.  The one column title that really said "Deirdre" to me was Saucers, Slips and Cigarettes, which is the one she chose.

A member of the Stuffed Shirt faction of the UFO Police doesn't appreciate Deirdre's cheeky 'tude, the brazen hussy, she.  David P. Kuhlman, FFSc, in his article for UFO Digest (UFO Mag Columnist is an Insult To Readers,) tells us why O'Lavery's column is offensive. Clues to Kuhlman's personal philosophy can be found in comments like the following: 
Do people give in to secular pressures, which can change the outlook and product for everyone? [bold and italics mine]
Indeed, in another article he wrote for UFO Digest; An Alien Reasoning, Kuhlman wrote:
I am a Christian. I was brought up through the years in church and I have strong roots with all Christian beliefs. I believe in God.
The use of the word "secular" in this context is clear: Deirdre O'Lavery has been seduced by the devil and away from the light, and is bringing the rest of us down with her into the roiling pits of hell.

John Collier, Lilith, 1892

Kuhlman goes on for quite awhile discussing what we all know far too well: UFOlogy has a difficult time being taken seriously, hoaxes hurt us all, there are good researchers who are "respectable," but some are not, and they're talking the rest of us down.  One of those who are not respectable, writes Kuhlman, is Deirdre O'Lavery, who should cause us all not only "concern" but "out-rage." Something about slips and cigarettes causes Kuhlman great distress:
Paging through to the seventh one [column] I noticed an unfamiliar face, a columnist. It initially caught my glance simply because I am familiar with the magazines layout since I read it often, and I knew this was a new addition immediately. I was curious and thumbed back to the index page and sure enough, the magazine had added a new columnist to its list, Ms. Deirdre O’ Lavery, Hmmm… never heard of her. Instantly I knew this was the place to start my reading journey through this months issue and quickly paged back to the column titled “Saucers, Slips, and Cigarettes”. That is where my blood began to boil!
I understand not liking a column, but really, his "blood began to boil?"  Sex, -- especially the "wrong" kind of sex, as in, anything you don't approve of between consenting adults -- is clearly the issue here, not UFO research. Women should be demure; we should speak softly and refrain from being sassy. Especially if we're wearing underwear. (Note to Kulhlman: some people prefer that kind of thing.)

The title of the column was strange I thought after reading it, it really didn’t seem to “fit” a serious publication on UFO research, but sometimes the title is to get the attention of the reader and it certainly did its job there and at least one word did correlate with the cigarette hanging out of the side of Ms. O’ Lavery’s clown painted, rose red lips. [italics mine]
Deirdre O'Lavery, get thee to a nunnery! And lest you think I am being overly flip here, Kuhlman himself is serious; of all the things in UFO land to get upset about, he finds O'Lavery's "rose red lips," cigarette smoking, and use of the word "slips" to be the targets of his repressed and misogynistic outrage:

"I have never been more agitated at any other piece of writing on UFOs than I am on this one . . . As I read I was disgusted and nauseated at her attempt to break the ice with the reader. Foul language and an utter sense of ignorance and disrespect to serious readers was her route. She goes on to write her column like a heathen speaks. [italics mine]   
He was nauseated? And "heathen?" "Heathen?" Did he really write that? Yes, yes he did. 

All that mishegas aside, he completely misunderstands O'Lavery's column, focusing instead not only on her lips but her "drunkenness":
Can people really take the UFO phenomenon seriously when it is painted that only sorry drunk people with no life dabble into this subject? Folks, this article is a disgrace to everyone that considers UFOlogy worth of investigation!
Kuhlman borders on the libelous; if it weren't so damn funny, it might be of concern. He not only finds Ms. O'Lavery "drunken," and what not but also believes she should be shunted off to the nut house:
She is certifiable for this piece of worthless paper with all of her slang and ignorant insight.
Her "slang?" Hey Daddyo, you sound like a real square!

Of all the columnists that write for UFO Magazine, this is the one that has caused Kuhlman --- after just one column! -- to stop reading the magazine altogether. If O'Lavery's one column can upset a supposed UFO researcher so much that he writes a rant about it and demands a "formal apology" from the publishers, then Ms. O'Lavery is one hell of a writer!

Painting by James Rich
One last point about Kuhlman's apoplectic response to Deirdre O'Lavery: he includes all of "us" (well, except for O'lavery) in his rant, beginning with his title: UFO Mag Columnist is an Insult to Readers. No, Kuhlman, it's not an insult to all readers; not to me, obviously. Speak for yourself. Clearly it's an insult to you, and possibly, to some others, so be it. But don't include me in your campaign to rid UFO land of Ms. O'Lavery. This is the problem with the UFO Police; they expect everyone to join them in their outrages and edicts about what they perceive to be right.

Congratulations, Ms. Deirdre O'Lavery, for bringing UFOlogy down to such a shameless level with just one column!


Altar said...

Sigh....so the religious right has setup shop at UFO Digest? I think I'll bring this up on Mabus. This just won't do

Guy Weddle

Alfred Lehmberg said...

Unexamined lives are not worth living and untested faith is valueless. Moreover, we won't have satisfaction until the last priest is strangled with the entrails of the last king, to quote Aristotle, Cominious and Voltaire.

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>>> U F O M a g a z i n e -- www.ufomag.com

Regan Lee said...

Well, I don't know if it's "the relgious right" or not. I do know there are some contributors over there who are religious, including Christians, which I have no problem with if they're not judgemental. Not all Christians are on the right, not all Christians are uptight sexist prudes. He has the right to his opinion, as do I. And I have the opinion, he needs to get out more...

I will say I am not religious, not a Christian, and not on the right, and Dirk, who runs UFO Digest, has always been fair to me and allowed me to say whatever I want over there. I don't agree with all the columnists over there, and that's fine, no one agrees with everyone, certainly not in UFO world.

Anonymous said...

I clicked on your link to the essay by David P Kuhlman, FFSc and read it in its entirety.

Two things really struck me - no.1 - His picture reveals a much younger man than I thought he'd be (he looks maybe in his 30s/early 40s).

And - no.2 - Wouldn't you think what would have grabbed his attention and time would have been the Emma Woods cover story? I mean come on!

Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours Regan and to all who read your terrific blog!

Now I'm going to disrobe down to my slip,... put on some MAC cherry red lipstick,... make myself a wicked high-ball... and light up a Virginia Slim because "we've come along way baby!" ;-)

~ Susan

Deirdre said...

Thats exactly what I said the other day, Brownie. The whole Emma Woods story, and all he takes out of it is my lips.


Ah well.


Red Pill Junkie said...

"Congratulations, Ms. Deirdre O'Lavery, for bringing UFOlogy down to such a shameless level with just one column!"

Bringing Ufology down? When has it ever been "up"? Ufology hasn't left the bottom of the tank since the days of Adamsky :-P

Now I'm *really* interested in reading Deidre's column. Well done with that marketing strategy, Kuhlman!

Emma@ufoalienabductee.com said...

I tried a couple of times to submit this comment to David P. Kuhlman's article over the last couple of days, but it appears to have been rejected:

I found the strength of your negative reaction to Diedre O’Lavery’s column, and to the fact that UFO Magazine published it, surprising.

You say that UFO Magazine “was” a publication that you counted on for legitimate and professional insight into the world of UFO research. Is the fact that you disliked one column really enough to put UFO Magazine in the past tense in that regard?

The cover story of the issue of UFO magazine concerned is an in-depth article by Jeremy Vaeni on Dr. Jacobs’ work with me as a research subject. In my opinion it is an important article that clearly provides “legitimate and professional insight into the world of UFO research.”

I noticed that you say that , “I have also come to the end of my support of “UFO Magazine” and anything related to it” for publishing Ms. O’Lavery’s column, and that, “we simply do not need and cannot afford the support of people or publications that tear down what we have already managed to build.”

Is your anger at UFO Magazine really because of Ms. O’Lavery’s column?

I would have thought that an acknowledgement of the cover story on Dr. Jacobs’ work would have been far more important in regard to protecting research done in the field than publishing such a negative reaction to UFO Magazine based on a column that you personally did not find to your taste in terms of language and the photo of the columnist (I cannot see anything wrong with the photo myself. She just looks like an attractive woman.)

Out of interest, what do you think of Jeremy Vaeni’s article, and of the fact that Bill Birnes had the courage and objectivity as a publisher to run it?

Emma Woods

Alfred Lehmberg said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Alfred Lehmberg said...

...to quote "_PLATO_," Cominious, and Voltaire.

That said, Emma! Waste no time in astonishment at our American brand of hyper-religious wackadoodle. Everything this premier example of arrogant Christian hypocrisy says is drawn through a homogenizing screen of _untested_ but comforting "faith" as convenient as it is self-rewarding — as hateFUL as it is hatING, eh? Quote me.

Your every breath and expression must mirror and —most importantly—_validate_ his, ironically, disgusting display, or, if he and enough of his pencil-necked fellow adherents can agree to agree... burn you at the freakin' stake — no hyperbole. You're all in or out with prejudice.

It's all black and white with this crew... no shades of grey... certainly no appreciation for... for billions of colors we _can_ see, billions more we see with help, and billions more we don't—and likely can't—see at all, eh?*

These cyst-wits insist their hypocrisy prevail so as to restore them to times past, times never actuallyexisting at all ... and I was, largely—with millions more— there. We do ourselves and these a disservice actually, _not_ to stomp their pointy little heads when they present themselves as, well, default arbiters of that which they refuse to remotely tolerate. Maybe I find this "religulosity" fundamentalist anything, _equally_ intolerable and will say so, loudly, without regard to religious sensibilities so forcefully shoved up MY... ...nose, right?

Sorry this went on so long but the first Predator movie is on dimly in the background and the soundtrack kinda pushed it along... good thing a _Swifter_ commercial came up, eh?

*Don't _tell_ me that's where God is when _you're_ afraid to really go, eh?