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When Realms Begin to Blur: Pink Lights, White Orbs, UFOs and Other Worlds

I'm not sure where I'm going with this exactly but I was inspired to go off in this direction after reading Tessa Dick's post on her blog: Why I Distrust the Pink Light

For the non-religious ones involved in UFO studies, all that Bible stuff can be off putting. I put myself in that category; I am not a Christian, I don't believe in God, and yet, okay I'll say it, I am a New Age kind of gal. Just an old hippie who still believes in love and energies and I wrote recently on my blog UFO Mary, there are entities and energies afoot, and some are quite sentient and intelligent, some are neutral, others malevolent some benevolent. We've misinterpreted deities and beings and energies and entities and, yep, aliens, as "God" all these thousands of years. Created mega-systems of doctrines, dogma, laws and control around these misperceptions. (as well as wars over whose system is the correct system.) Maybe I'm talking about the trickster here, or partly so, but the fact is, there are all of the above, including good old inter-dimensional beings and creatures. The universe is teeming with these things, and right here on earth, we have a very busy, though almost completely unseen, realm of things co-habitating with us.

UFOs are mixed up in this, and as I commented at the start of this post, I'm not sure where I'm going with all this yet, but one idea came to me; that some UFO reports might have nothing to do with aliens ET in machines from another planet, and everything to do with spirits, or energies, or other beings but non-human and non-ET. Fairies, or, demons. Angels, or, ... whatever. But, maybe there is a connection, at times, between these things. Maybe they overlap. Maybe some of these things could be alien-ET and "other."

The Dancing Orb Dream Repeated
Years ago, I was experiencing a lot of intense paranormal and psychic activity, including UFO events. I was going through a lot an intense time on a personal level; incredible stress (which, to this day, I do not handle well), a move, returning to college in my forties, family issues and illness, going to counseling. I was also actively seeking out paranormal experiences using crystals, meditations, as well as actively pursuing UFO and related studies.

One night/early morning, I dreamt that I woke up in our bedroom. It was light. I noticed how nice everything looked, the light, the curtains. Everything was also very still. I turned and looked at Jim's back; he was still asleep. I noticed the white wall. Suddenly, he got up, and sat, with his back still to me, on the side of the bed. He was perfectly still. Which was very odd. I called out his name, no response. Very odd. He just sat there. It was so damn weird. A small, dime sized maybe, ball of bright white, opaque, light, was "dancing" across his back. Then the wall, then back to this back. I called out his name, no response, I touched him, nothing. Then I went back to sleep.

I woke up. I looked over at Jim; he sat up on the side of the bed. He just sat there. Didn't say anything. The orb of light came; dancing. On his back, on the wall, returned to Jim's back. I called out, I touched him, nothing. I was a little disconcerted about this; I just dreamt this! Finally, after a few minutes, Jim woke up. It was as if he was sleep 'sitting," --  I told Jim about this, and he, being who he is, believed me and had no trouble accepting it happened, but he had no memory of anything amiss as far as he was concerned. He didn't have any strange dreams, and couldn't explain at all why he was sitting motionless on the side of the bed for so long. He didn't remember doing that at all.

I couldn't get this weird incident out of my mind. The dream was a dream; it wasn't a matter of "I just thought I dreamt it." The light was not anything close to being a reflection of something, or any other mundane explanation.

This encounter left me so rattled and yet.. so joyous. I felt extremely excited about all this; that something special had happened. What, I had no idea, just that it was.

Context: UFOs and Other Weird Happenings
This wasn't a UFO sighting, or an encounter with ET. Yet I have an idea there's a connection with my UFO experiences -- mine, and Jim's -- and I'm don't know why I think this, it's just a feeling.  We were having a lot of UFO experiences at the time, some good, some creepy, some just "normal" meaning, usual lights in the sky stuff. I was also experiencing a lot of other activity; astral journeys, precognitive dreams, and so on, much of it intentionally created by my intent and focus, my work involving meditations, crystal work, and so on.

Did all these things collide, in a sense; the stress, the emotions, the combined UFO/paranormal experiences of both myself and Jim (past and present), as well as the simple fact of literal ETs in UFOs about?

The Reeves Case
Tessa's post also got me thinking about the Reeves case, an Oregon UFO/cryptid encounter, circa 1966 (See my The Toldeo Donuts, on the UFO Magazine blog) 
and  The Big Study; their brief recap, and Peter Rogerson's One Measures a Circle ) in where the lights seen by members of the Reeves family and witnesses were described as having pink hues. From Mrs. Reeves account of lights in her bedroom:
... a rosy glow so bright you could read a newspaper in it … I happened to turn towards the door leading into the living room and I saw this thing like a cloud just hanging there. It was water-melon coloured and you could see through it … It was just a kind  of hazy mass for a couple of seconds, and then it disappeared.”

Strange beings seen in a meadow; and nights of unusual lights, described as pink and rose colored, inside and outside of the Reeves home. A very weird case that after more than forty years has not revealed any answers.

Was this event a supernatural one? Or UFO caused? Or, both?

That area of Oregon (Newport region) is still a hot bed of UFO activity. The Navy has a strong presence there, and now, the NOAA has moved in. UFOs were seen in the area shortly  preceding the Reeves experiences. Were the Reeves lights military induced; some kind of mind control-social engineering- fake UFO display? Or a military experiment involving true UFOs? What of the strange beings seen by Cathy Reeves and her friends? Aliens or inter-dimensional visitors, supernatural entities, or naval Dr. Evil experiments? The esoteric speculations are endless, and a lot of fun to indulge in. That is not a marginalization and certainly not a trivialization of those events, however.

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