Saturday, January 22, 2011

UFO sighting signature Sri Yantra discovered in Oregon, now found...

Oregon writer Dave Masko writes on Sri Yantra "crop circle" symbol: UFO sighting signature Sri Yantra discovered in Oregon, now found... I remember this "crop circle" symbol in eastern Oregon several years ago, but, despite this quote:
Hainsworth said the “Sri Yantra” is known to “just about everyone who’s interested in UFO’s” here in Oregon, but it may not be known or understood by others.
I'm not in the loop, because I didn't know anything about this.

The symbolism of this sign:
In brief, the Sri Yantra is similar to an ancient Hindu mediation symbol, “but, we’re told it’s much, much older than any civilization from India,” adds Hainsworth while presenting a recently found copy of this proposed UFO “signature” at a recent “watchers” meeting at Seaside.
(thanks to Lesley at The Debris Field for link.)

According to this site, Sri Yantra mandala is the mother of all mandalas; all that follow are aspects of Sri Yantra.
It is a mandala, a geometric abstract that symbolizes the cosmos which, in this case, is also the body of the goddess. The goddess is supposed to reside in her physical, visible form in the dot or bindu at the center of the Yantra while simultaneously permeating the entire universe. This 'double presence' concept is vital in grasping the Sri Yantra. Her seat has four 'pillars': Brahma - the creator, in the Northeast; Vishnu - the preserver, in the Southeast; Rudra - the dissolver, in the Southwest; and Sadasiva - the eternal Shiva, in the Northwest.

I found this while looking for more on Sri Yantra: orbs appear during a Sri Yantra meditation.

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Red Pill Junkie said...

Have you ever watched the movie "The Last Mimzy"?

I absolutely loved it. Many folks who read the original story in which it is based hate it, because the director added a lot of Tibetan mandala stuff; but I for one thought it was a nice addition.

Add it to your Nextflix list. You won't regret it ;)