Friday, January 21, 2011

(Updated) UK School Tells Students WWlll Has Broken Out

Another story from the UK about teachers playing mind games with students. In the past couple of years or so there have been several stories of English schools creating scenarios -- presented as being real -- of crashed or landed UFOs on school property, complete with local police arriving on the scene. One school had a crashed UFO scene along with claws and body parts of the 'dead alien,' along with the news that a teacher had been abducted by the aliens. ( see also my UK Still Staging UFO Crash Drills.)

Not all of these scenes were about UFOs. A teacher in Scotland told several students to quickly get their things together because they were being picked up and possibly sent off to an orphanage. Students were told their parents knew about this and had given permission for their children to be taken away:

Deputy head teacher Elizabeth McGlynn segregated nine pupils and told them they were to be sent away. After 15 minutes they were told it was all an act but that the role play would carry on up to lunchtime.

In a letter sent to council bosses, the unnamed mother said: 'Mrs McGlynn told the children they would probably have to be sent away from their families and that their parents had been informed about this and knew all about it.
The students were told they had to be segregated because they had "lower IQs" due to a "lack of sunglight in their mother's wombs."

Another staged event: the "murder" of a teacher on school grounds, which, naturally, severely upset students. Still another staged an "assault" on one of the female school employees, complete with fake blood on the ground.

In most of these cases, if not all, parents were not notified that  these little scenes were going to take place, permission asked from parents. Sometimes, the scenes were enacted while parents were there as volunteers at their schools.

Yesterday, news from the UK of a school who told students that London was under attack; World War III had broken out. The students were not just told this; they were shown footage from the Blitz in WWII and a tape of "Neville Chamberlain's war address" was played over the PA system to simulate real time news about "WWIII." Then, students were taken by teachers to a basement to hide:
Teachers then led them to a cellar when an air raid siren sounded and a firework was let off to simulate a bomb.
Headmaster Mike Richards is quoted as saying, many times over, that the exercise was to make students "sympathetic" to war victims. Studying WWll, the thinking behind this staged stunt was that students would really get it, since apparently Richards believed students were incapable of believing their teachers:
'The idea of it was to get the children to empathise with what it was like.  "The big concern we had was that the children wouldn't believe it.
Parents were angry and upset, students scared and confused.

In all of these staged events there are shared elements. The plot may differ: UFOs, government officials taking you away, murder, war, but they all contain the following:
An element of violent surprise.
Authority figures assumed to be trusted and respected (teachers,school staff, police) carry out these fake events.
Parents are not notified that these events are planned; permission is not asked for.
The local police are often involved; appearing on the scene, pretending to take part.
Specific character traits and emotional states are the target of these scenes:sympathy,empathy,feeling emotions, compliance, unquestioning volunteerism/work.

The rationale for given by schools for these events vary: sometimes it's to foster creative thinking and expression, in this case, make it real so students believe it. In other words: real (as far as students and parents know) events of a violent, unexpected and even bizarre (UFOs) nature are to be fully, completely believed, lived, accepted and experienced.

In the WWIII scenario,  the headmaster said the goal was to get students to sympathize with war victims. The Scottish school said they wanted "the children to experience an accurate emotional response."

Foxhill Primary school, where the fake assault on a female staff member was staged, justified their performance with the two layered rationale for these scenes; fostering creativity:
We wanted to give the pupils a topic that would inspire their creativity and their imaginations which is why the crime scene was chosen.
And unquestioning acceptance of authority and compliance, as well as overall moulding of state sanctioned character traits:
"This was also done to raise pupils' aspirations and to reinforce a positive view of the police and the work they do in the community.
Who is observing these reactions of children, and why? It is not coincidence; these scenes are part of a larger agenda. Individual teachers may think they are doing something creative and different for their students, but the curriculum and the nudges to enact it are coming from somewhere else, and for specific reasons. A desensitizing program; get children to feel comfortable with the abrupt intrusions of authorities, of violence, of the unexpected. But it goes beyond that; even more insidious is the trauma factor.

If students (and parents, by extension) are told that all these purposeful staged events are to foster trust in authority, that contradicts the fact the authority has just come in and lied to everyone. The message is: 'It's fake this time, but just you wait, next time it might not be. And we're the only ones around who can determine that."  Keep people nervous, jumping with anxiety, never knowing when the next assault, war, murder, or invading aliens will come.


Mike Clelland! said...

Regan - These shcool "scenerio" stories CREEP ME OUT!

I get the very real sense that they (whoever THEY are) are collecting data for something they know is due to happen.

The larger agenda scares me.

Red Pill Junkie said...

What a bunch of pendejos!

(Don't look that up, pls)

You know, I tend to dismiss a lot of conspiracy theories when they talk about mind manipulations and the Illuminati cabala performing satanic rituals and all that.

BUT, the fact of the matter is that we know from the disclosed MK-ULTRA papers that children were used for those kind of experiments. We have Whitley Strieber telling some pretty weird theories of him being kept in a coffin-like that caused him to have an OOB experience.

Little children have a lot of energy; I'm not ready to say they are psychic batteries or anything, but, once again, there's no denying researchers have linked poltergeist phenomena with young teenager suffering from a lot of emotional stress.

So maybe, a big *maybe* mind you, this is not so much about desensitizing the kids, but about gauging some kind of reaction of some other kind.

Anonymous said...

I'm confounded by this British behavior! Is it a cutural thing or something else? I'm pretty sure we're not doing this in the U.S.A. (anymore at least).

I know how horrible it was (and memories are still there) when I was a little girl and we had to practice "duck and cover" under our elementary school desks. We also had to practice running as quickly as possible, with all lights off, down to the basement of the school for "protection".

Once in a great while there was a full emergency drill with the town's siren blaring and we were quickly assembled to get on our school buses.

This was the height of the 'cold war' and it never was really properly explained to us students. Even my father (who was a high school history and spanish language teacher) had a difficult time helping me to understand it all.

It was scary! Especially instructions from the principal that buses might not take us home and we'd have to run home on our own. Along with advise to seek "gullies" to lay in if we saw flashes (bombs?) in the sky, and then to continue onward home.

If those terrible memories are still in my mind (and I'm 57) what are these kids going to be thinking as it seems they're being put through even worse.

~ Susan

Regan Lee said...

Brownie/Susan, you and I are the same age. I remember duck and cover drills as well, with sirens going off...I agree, it was always scary and weird.

There was a story a few years ago of a staged event here in the U.S., back east somewhere I think. I have the link somewhere...

that involved an overnight camping trip of students. All sleeping a bunk house kind of cabin, when, in the middle of the night, masked, hooded (don't remember if they were armed I think so) breaking into the place and scaring the hell out of the students. It was all a set-up, I forget what their reasoning was at the time. There have been others in Canada and here, staged car crashes and armed people bursting into schools, but the UK seems to be the place with a specific, targeted agenda.

dreaming_lucid said...

I wonder if those perpetrating these staged events are actually acting out some sort of personal fear/trauma from their own lives, ie they are actually doing this for unconscious psychological reasons. Regardless, I hope this has the effect of helping kids realize authorities don't let people know the full story, are willing to lie to them to suit hidden agendas, and that these authorities are so disturbed themselves that they may not even understand why they are doing what they are doing.