Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cold Crop Circles

I've been working on a writing project; a science-fictionish, paranormal, conspiracy themed novella. It doesn't have anything to do with crop circles  but my request to my subconscious to bring up ideas took a turn last night in my dream state. I woke up feeling disoriented. At the same time, I also woke up with some ideas about the direction my story will take.

I'm standing on a little hill, in England, with Colin Andrews. We're discussing crop circles, in particular, the cases where a specific thing is mentioned, or even thought of, between two people, and within hours, a crop cirlce appears with the very designs or in the location discussed. At first, it's very pleasant standing here on this small rise, amongst the crop circles. Then things begin to change...

A wind comes up, and we find we can't hear each other very well. It's also hard to see any crop circles. We know they're close by, but they're impossible to see. Then it gets very cold. I start to whine, like a small child, "It's so cold!" and can't wait to get out of here.

At first I'm disappointed that the positive feeling I have about crop cirlces has been turned inside out. Nothing warm and fuzzy going on right now; it's cold, it's windy and gritty and uncomfortable, and we can't see anything, hear much. Then I realize that it's not the crop circles, it's something else, some other force, that is ominous and creating this disruption. That makes us feel a little better, but not much. 

I said that I woke up with ideas about some ways to go with my story; which, to my surprise, is a sinister direction. I like it, but it's not what I had intended when I began this project.

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