Thursday, February 24, 2011

From Examiner: Anderson on Dr. John B. Alexander, and a bit about Redfern's Final Events

From Donna Anderson at Examiner: UFOs: Government disclosure vs government confirmation - National Coast to Coast Radio |
"If there's one word in ufology that suffers more than its fair share of use it's 'disclosure.' But Dr. John B. Alexander, last night's guest on Coast to Coast AM Radio, says fuhgeddaboudit. The government has been disclosing information all along, lo these many years, and you're still not happy. You don't really want disclosure. You want confirmation. And that, my friend, just ain't gonna happen.

Dr. John B. Alexander, author of “UFOs: Myths, Conspiracies and Realities,” is a former Special Forces commander and Army Intelligence officer, worked on non-lethal weapon research at Los Alamos National Labs and has been around long enough to not only remember Roswell but to know many of the people involved in the incident. He admits, right off the bat, that what he has to say is going to tick off just about everybody who listens to Coast to Coast."
Interesting article. As to the lack of response from authorities to UFO sightings, on which I've commented many times, Alexander doesn't think there's anything to get conspiratorial about:
But Alexander says all of these agencies have one thing in common. They were all created to defend the people of the United States against the threat of human invaders. If a UFO were deemed a threat to national security, then certainly they would have investigated. But only to the extent needed to determine the level of the threat and how to counteract. Since nearly all UFO sightings are either peaceful or too wacky to even be considered legitimate, there has been no reason for these agencies to investigate their appearance. It doesn't matter to them what they are, where they came from or who is sitting at the wheel as long as they don't try to attack the U.S.
The gist of the Alexander's position is that disclosure has been happening for a very long time; via film, media, advertising, sighting reports of politicians, you name it. It's confirmation that is lacking, and that confirmation will never come.

Intuitively, I don't agree with everything here --- but then I'm not a UFO researcher immersed in searching out documents or with an employment history with government agencies -- but I do think that the intentional release of information, coded within the easy to swallow medium of movies, television, stories, and so on, is the disclosure so many are demanding from government.

On the other hand, read Nick Redfern's Final Events and the Secret Government Group on Demonic UFOs which offers a different take on things... including an answer to what UFOs and aliens (at least some of them) are. I'm just about finished with the book and will write more about it when I'm through. I will say it's highly exciting and intriguing.

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