Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Cephalopod and the Crop Circle

One of my recurring dreamscapes: my house pretty much as it is now, with the addition of a structure in the backyard. Right outside the back door is a two leveled shack type building, about ten feet by ten feet, and about ten feet high. Openings for a door and windows but no glass or door, just open "holes" ... the upstairs is a loft type area, usually with a bed, or mattress on the floor, with cozy bed covers. It's ramshackle but clean and comfortable. I'm always surprised to find this structure there.

So here we are, Jim and I, in the house which is very much like the house we're in but a bit larger, lots of people around we don't always know, some family, some not... a lot of activity. Things are confused and sometimes it's good, sometimes bad. I'm not sure of what's going on around here. Some travelling is involved; people around me here are getting ready to go on various trips.

Somehow I end up with a cephalopod. Someone gives it to me, or I find it, among all this commotion. I'm not sure what to do with it but I know I don't want to see it die. It's about six inches from top of head to end of tentacle, seaweed brown, maybe a few dark spots, featureless. Sounds ugly but I'm getting to like this thing.  It's very intelligent; at least as intelligent as humans, though different. It's communicating with me telepathically.

Jim and I look around in the kitchen for something to keep it in and fill with water. I take out a glass bowl but Jim says that won't work, residue from foods will affect the octopus. Slightly offended I tell him it's clean; he says that's not what he means, that no matter how well we wash the bowls, the celphapod is so sensitive it will be affected by it. So we find a plastic basket that's not been used; it has an open weave design on it and I'm afraid the water will just run out, but we fill it to the level of the holes, put in some rocks, and put a smaller dish inside that, with water and rocks.

While we're getting these items ready, I put the cephalopod in a plastic bag to keep safe and let him know we're taking care of him. He puffs up really large, and it's then I can see his features; eyes, mouth. And now he's really communicating with me.

He starts "telling" me about crop circles; the origins, the meanings, and who's responsible for creating them. He tells me Colin Andrews, who, he also informs me, is right outside, knows about this and is doing his best to tell others -- it's an urgent time. The cephalopod tells me he needs to get back to his crop circle homes... and it's here I think, "Now, just wait a minute! Octopi don't live on land, and they don't live in crop circles! This is ridiculous."

But for some reason, I trust this creature, and believe him. It is very important I take care of this little cephalopod and I have the feeling that, while it's benign and highly intelligent, almost alien, if I don't treat this the right way things could get ugly.

(Jellyfish Crop Circle: In June of 2009, a beautiful "jellyfish" crop circle appeared in Oxfordshire field in England. Over 600 ft it is one of the largest crop designs.)


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