Sunday, April 3, 2011

Eagle and Owl

Earlier in the day, as I was resting (all right, napping) I was thinking on a presentation about my experiences and "invisible aliens." Beginning with the eagle visitation when I was four years old, I carefully went through the memory, focusing on details, color, textures, emotions. I wanted to see if I could get at why it is the "aliens" and the aftermath of their visits remain invisible.

Last night, I had the following dream; I didn't realize until later this morning that this dream is connected with my earlier visualizations of past experience.

I'm at the coast; high banks and the shore below. Grassy, lots of rocks, windy. I'm surrounded by children, many from where I work, in fact, this seems to be a combination of my work place and something much larger. It's not work... yet some people, children and adults, are around. I'm discussing my deep frustration with a sort of co-worker/sort of friend about my not being able to move to the coast. (Yet, here we are. Not sure if I live here yet, but I think I do.) I almost start to cry, I'm so sad and frustrated. We're inside a large building, going down a narrow set of white stairs. One of the children is with us; I'm slightly concerned about her overhearing us because it seems inappropriate, and we're talking not only about my distress but paranormal, UFO topics as well. But my friend/co-worker tells me this kid, along with many others around here, know all about this, more than I think they do, more than I do in many ways. I then notice this little girl is actually leading us down the steps, then we go outside.

Here we are at the beach, alongside a bluff that looks out onto the shore. The ocean is beautiful but also a bit scary; it's very close to us and churning, high waves... I see a large white head, then the body, of a polar bear come up over the bluff. I'm astounded to see this bear, and a little afraid -- do I get the kids and get out of here? Isn't it my responsibility to take care of them? But the bear isn't dangerous, I know that, and he just turns and lumbers off. I know that he's communicated with me that he's just too old, too tired, he doesn't belong here. He was simply curious and took a look around.

We keep going, and I'm surprised to see two brown ears, then heads, appear; brown bear cubs. Their mom is nearby. It's delightful but scary; I know the mother bear will not tolerate anyone getting close to her cubs. I try to keep a low profile, for both myself and the kids. We continue on.

A large eagle (larger than the typical eagle) comes swooping in from the ocean -- not from out over the ocean, but from within the ocean. He lands in front of his nest, which is full of eagle eggs. I'm a little worried about the nest; how safe could it be out in the open like that? Then I wonder about the logic of this; eagles don't keep their nests on the ground like that. A moment later, a large dark gray owl comes swooping in from the ocean, and lands a few yards away from the eagle. Like the eagle, this owl also has a nest, full of owl eggs. Again I think both of the safety of the owl eggs, and the oddness of the location. 

As weird as this is, I somehow know that the eggs are just about to hatch, and the eagle and the owl will guide the hatchlings down the bluff and out into the ocean. This is about to happen any minute.

Both birds are aware we're here, but we're of no account. They're not afraid of us or concerned in any way. They have their own thing to do; we're not involved. 

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Mike Clelland! said...

THe metaphors pile up. How does one interpret this? Is it better to just have it was over you than to scrutinize it with the intellect?

Oceans are a potent image after the events of Japan.

Bruce Duensing said...

Well..I read it this way..for whatever reason. Images of the forms of a conscious nature as a empathetic nurturer not to be feared, but trusted with leading new life into their "new environments"...The innocence that nature portrays in it's creatures is matched by the innocence of children. Wisdom with the search is necessary in order to assist life in the nature of nature. None of this is to be feared by projecting attributes it does not have.