Friday, May 27, 2011

From Interstellar Housewife: Dimensional Wrinkles

Deirdre O'Lavery asks a not so new question but one we don't think of often enough: what if UFOs ("true UFOs" as she puts it) are from other dimensions, and what we see is only part of those UFOs?
"Consider that UFOs (the truly unexplained kind, mind you) are not of this dimension. You’ve probably heard some of this before, the idea that UFOs are not extraterrestrial, but extra-dimensional, although this isn’t really about that speculation as much as it's about a possible explanation for the seemingly simplistic shapes we see darting around our skies."
Deirdre's post reminded me of one UFO I saw years ago that morphed in color and shape when viewed through binoculars, but remained a bright white light when seen with the naked eye. The shifting colors and shapes were not due scintillation; this was precise and obvious behavior of the UFO, which was quite close to us. There's more to this sighting: I "knew" we were going to see a UFO that night when we arrived at the house where we were visiting friends, I "knew" the person who had been looking out the window for some time was watching a UFO (and I was getting very impatient with her, wondering when the hell she was going to let us in on it), one person in our party became downright angry at the fact we were watching this thing; he walked away in disgust and wouldn't look. The UFO came from a distance away, but steadily came towards us, the house, until it came between a large tree and the picture window of the house. It seemed to come in close as if saying "hi," and then, after it passed by the window, it curved back and made its way back. We watched it until we couldn't see it any more.

James Rich, Dance of the Elements, acrylic on wonder-board

As I said, when seen with the naked eye, it looked like a round bright white light. Through binoculars, it changed both shape: square, rectangle, triangle, oval, and back again, as well as color: turquoise, red, orange, yellow, blue, green. (I don't remember the order of the shapes or colors, but I do remember the vividness of both.) There was a rhythm to the changes; they were constant, not randomly timed.

That night, I had a dream where I'm standing on the sidewalk by my childhood home with the owner of the house where we saw this shape shifting UFO. (I did not know this person when I was a kid.) We are looking up in the sky together, and we see several of these UFOs above us. This time we can easily see them change shape and color, no binoculars needed. Also, they were very large, much larger than the one seen at his house. This person was an artist, and the UFOs had something to do with art. The dream message was very clear about that.

Was this changing UFO related to what Deirdre proposes? If from another dimension, is it also possible the UFO was cognizant, or responding in some way, to some of us? The fact that I knew, with unshakable certainty, we would see a UFO that night -- was that also an aspect of this UFO's connection to us, or, us to it?
Read Deirdre's article here: The Interstellar Housewife: Dimensional Wrinkles

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