Friday, May 27, 2011

From Whitley Strieber:| Sinister Forces in My Life

I've long wondered if Whitley Strieber hadn't been the victim of insidious manipulations and monitoring. It seemed obvious he most likely had been, along with others in his life who experienced high strangeness and anomalous events connected with Strieber. I've also wondered why Strieber hadn't said more about this aspect through the years. In a recent entry on his Unknown Country, he writes about this very thing, listing various attempts on discrediting him and worse: Whitley's Journal | Sinister Forces in My Life | unknowncountry

I remember reading the following Parade Magazine article Strieber mentions; I might have the clipping somewhere in my files:
4. In 1998, Parade Magazine published a false story . . . that I had discovered that I had temporal lobe epilepsy and had made a contribution to the Epilepsy Foundation, for which they were very grateful. This story was entirely false. I called the Epilepsy Foundation. They had never heard of me. I called the magazine, and the editor I talked to said that the story had come from their publisher, who had gotten it from 'friends of yours in the Air Force.' He was so very pleased, until I told him that the story was a lie. They retracted it, but the damage was done. . . on my author tour, people asked me about my temporal lobe epilepsy. I will never forget speaking at the Pentagon bookstore, with a row of Air Force personnel in uniform sitting there with pure hate in their eyes.
That was back in '98, but this campaign has continued up to the moment, including messing with the manuscript of The Key:
The 2011Tarcher/Penguin edition currently available contains the original manuscript, as it was intended to be published. After I made this all public, I was dogged by people claiming that I had faked it all in order to sell books. How dare they... There is even one person out there claiming that the "edits" make the book better. Sure, get rid of anything about mind control. Stick in things about evil aliens that don't exist to confuse people about who the sinister forces around here really are...

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