Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Blog: Gary Haden's Speculative Realms

Speculative Realms will be dark for the summer, so no new material coming for awhile. But there are plenty of posts to go over while you're waiting for new stuff. I like Haden's blog because he's articulate, writes exceedingly well, and thinks.He's also very detailed; with facts, references, links, etc. Not to say I agree with him all the time -- sometimes I don't at all -- but no matter what thoughts you come away with, you won't be sorry because you've been given a lot to truly mull over. So take a look and, well, see what you think! Speculative Realms


Anonymous said...

Hi Regan,

I just now tried posting to a thread in Speculative Realms. I'm being told that I'm not a member of the blog and have no permission to post. I am logged in, reading as 'brownie', so that's not the issue.

I then looked for Gary's email address to send him the post personally, but cannot find one on his blog. His profile is private too.

Are you able to post or contact him? I know he's taking down his blog in early Sept. Just wanted to get out some thoughts to some of his latest addendums which I'm still receiving in my email because I subscribe to the threads.

Thanks for any help in this matter - if you can post his email (assuming you get his permission).

~ Susan

Gary Haden said...


You should be able to post now.


Anonymous said...

Thankyou Regan and Gary!

I just successfully posted to Gary's blog!

~ Susan