Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Entering the Orb: Stumbling on the Hill (s)?

The area where we saw the orange orb is hilly. We lived at the top of a hill. Well, already we're in a land of confusion, because Jim insists we weren't living there yet when we saw the orange orb; we were living on Hilyard St. "downtown" ish, near the U of O campus. I insist that simply isn't correct at all, that the orange orb was seen when we were living at the house on top of the hill at Friendly St.

Inspired by a comment left here yesterday I was skimming through my copy of Captured! (Stanton Friedman and Kathleen Marden) about Barney and Betty Hill. Specifically I was looking at sections regarding Dr. Simon, who used hypnosis to help recover their memories of what happened during their missing time.

Last night I had a dream:

it's night, very dark, and Jim and I keep walking up a hill. It's not the hill where we lived, but around there, up a ways. (Kind of near where I saw the orb drop down behind a house.) We get almost to the top of the hill, but then stop. We're lost, can't see well, things sort of dead end. So we try again. Go back, walk around, come back up the hill. Same thing. We're both getting very irritated with each other, and the whole thing, just all of it. We just keep doing this over and over and are getting very frustrated with "them" and  Jim kind of calls out to "them" to knock it off. It's like "they" are close by and can see us but we can't see them.

I was telling Jim this dream as we were taking our walk. I said it was like Sisyphus and Jim said "I was just going to say, it reminded me of that." Just at the part where I said "We keep getting to almost the top of the hill then things just stop..." I almost fell flat on my face, thankfully Jim caught me. I had tripped on the sidewalk, the top of my sandal got caught somehow. It wasn't a small stumble but a big one; really yanked my toes! If Jim hadn't caught me I would have fallen.

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terry the censor said...

> Jim insists we weren't living there yet

Memory is indeed a funny thing.
Here's something that might interest and amuse you. Professional baseball is a very well-documented sport (box scores and news reports going back to the late 1800s). From time to time, some old-timer's memories will get fact-checked against the ample historical record and be found in error -- though he claims he was on the field.


> U of O campus

UFO campus? Ooh!

> Inspired by a comment left here yesterday

I have been chugging down Hill material for four months now. It is a constant worry that I won't be able to keep straight the many versions of the tale. If you find I made an error in a comment, feel free to let me know!

> If Jim hadn't caught me I would have fallen.

Nice you have someone to rely on and share with. Reading up the Hill case, I seems Barney and Betty had very distinct experiences (shared yet separate). I'm going to make a spreadsheet to sort it out.