Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ed Komarek at UFO Digest: MUFON Psyops?

Ed Komarek on the morphing of MUFON, from investigative UFO entity to apologist faux serious UFO research entity. MUFON Psyops?. For some time now, MUFON has just gone over the edge, with upheavals in staff and shifts in philosophies.
MUFON's corporate decision to promote Astronaut Musgrave as its featured speaker at it's July symposium is a slap in the face to its membership and to the general public as well. Already Musgrave has been interviewed by the press speaking the NASA-SETI propaganda and misdirection deceptions that aliens may be out there, but are not here.

Komarek points out that it may be old news, but still valid news, to consider MUFON has ties to the intelligence community. I don't know if I agree with Komarek's ideas on what to do about this, only because it wouldn't do any good, in my opinion but MUFON is really a dead entity at this point.

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