Sunday, July 31, 2011

Camera Glitch in Masonic Cemetery

One of my favorite places to walk around here is the Masonic cemetery. It's an old cemetery with a lot of local history, and a group of volunteers that work very hard to preserve the integrity of the cemetery (plant life, trails, history, signs, grave markers, etc.) and keep it available to the public. There is a mausoleum as well, which is open to the public once a month. We went up there today to walk around.

I took a lot of photographs and even brought my recorder along in case I was lucky enough to get any EVPs (which didn't happen. I did feel two slight "buzzy" feelings I get when in the presence of spirits, but didn't feel that when I was inside the mausoleum, though I did get that feeling very strongly during the opening and dedication of the mausoleum a few years ago.) One odd thing happened when we saw this grave; we were both struck by the lovely simplicity of the marker and the grave.

Jim sitting on bench at grave marker
I joined Jim and we were sitting there, talking about how nice a spot it was, how we both liked the marker and the appearance of a natural piece in that setting. I started to take pictures of the marker when this happened:

I said "Look what's happening to the camera" and the images in the window were going crazy with color and jumping around. It isn't just that the images turned out this way, while I was just holding the camera the images in the window were jumping around and I couldn't make it stop. I just started taking pics anyway to see what, if anything, would happen.

Here's the same marker appearing normally

Possibly supernatural experience, who's to say. But it could also be a camera glitch. It's a cheap camera, and if you notice in the first photo of Jim, the flowers seem almost psychedelic in color. Camera on its last legs, or spirit communication. Either way nice effect.

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