Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Back to Conspiracy Park

For a few years now, in various parks around here, I've been coming across  images of NWO, electronic harassment and anonymous/V spray painted on the ground, on light poles, on support beams of bridges, or on stickers and paper stuck on poles and walls.

Last summer I found one on a telephone at the end of my block:

About a block from my house, last summer 

 Here's a picture I took in August of 2009 at the other end of the park:

Taken at Valley River/Greenway Bridge, August 2008
The above, spray painted at either end of the bridge, was painted over by the city. Same signage on the ground at the other end, near where we were today, at the intersection of two paths, since covered over by the city.

I'd been seeing these for at least a year. Randomly (so it seemed) one of the local news programs aired a small segment on these signs; I wrote about it at Oregon L.O.W.F.I.:

A couple of nights ago, the local news had a short segment on these signs. Some neighbors in the area are “upset” because the signs are offensive. Apparently someone, and I suspect someone else not the original sign maker, sprayed swastikas on some of these signs. I haven’t come across any with swastikas. The news said the signs were publicity for “a movie.” I’m not so sure about that, it seems like a strange explanation, especially when no title was given or reason why they came to that conclusion. Hand lettered signs on cheap paper stuck to bridge supports, telephone and light poles; hand painted banners on flimsy paper stuck to wooden fences — doesn’t seem like much of publicity campaign.
I couldn’t find anything on-line about this from any of the local news outlets. I’m not sure which local news it was either, since they’re all the same and I switch back and forth. The short segment ended with the warning that it is illegal to affix any kind of flyer or poster, etc. to city property such as telephone and light poles.

Today, I came across these, at the other end of where we usually walk, and where I've seen the images. Today, we were walking close to the University side and Alton Baker Park. The lettering reads "What is the plan? We won't forget. Expect us." I didn't do a great job of taking pictures, I'm no photographer and my camera is just a cheap one, but I think you get the idea.

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Alfred Lehmberg said...

Do the _planners_ even know what the plan is, you know?