Thursday, August 4, 2011

(Update) "Break on Through to the Other Side, Break on Through...": OOBE Jokers

I've written before how, the older I get, the harder it is for me to go all the way with my OOBEs. I'll start to go out, all the usual preliminary stuff happens -- rushing, roaring, clanging, bells, music, chimes, static radio voices -- and then, everything stops, and I'm suspended in an almost motionless, slowly bobbing place where I'm not moving forward. I find this extremely frustrating and no matter how hard I work on this I can't get past this stuck place and move ahead.

(I wonder if this has any connection to UFO experiences. As a child, I'd leave my body all the time, I looked forward to it. These were related to UFO sightings and "alien" encounters. This continued on throughout my teens and as an adult, but I've noticed the past decade or so at least, the OOBEs are less frequent, and rarely successful. This stuck feeling: like I'm inside an elevator that is going up at an incredible speed, then, without warning, it just stops, getting stuck in between floors.)

This morning I had an OOBE, or, rather, apparently I was trying to have one. With a twist as well. I was awake but drowsy; could hear Jim moving around in the kitchen. The I heard the phone ring, but deep inside my head. It was our phone's distinct ring. I remember thinking "Oh, damn, hope it's not so and so calling about ..." something Jim had to do. It only rang once and I thought "Guess they hung up before Jim could get to it." Immediately after that I started that rushing feeling where I was leaving my body. I was very excited about this, and went with it. All the sounds came along, especially the radio sounds. In fact, I wondered if we hadn't left the radio in the bedroom on, because I could hear it so distinctly, voices, a bit of static but clear enough. I could make out what they were saying: two men talking, I could hear the words but I don't remember what.  Then it started to sound like someone was rapidly changing the dial, looking for a station. Meanwhile, I'm still rushing, leaving my body. Then things started to slow down. Damn!

There I was, bobbing slowly on the ethereal plane, listening to the astral radio. Which was playing the Doors "Break on Through." I had a lucid moment where I thought how funny that was. Clearly, my higher self and/or spirit guides were playing with me: the distinct telephone ring ("Hello? We're calling!", the Doors song) but yet, I couldn't get past the stuck place. I even imagined myself sitting up, in order to move my spirit body along, as well as jump up and down, which helped a bit. But I was quickly losing altitude, as it were, and came back. Now I was fully awake -- Damn it! -- and never could get it back.

Updated: After I had posted this, watching the recent episode of Alphas that we'd recorded, and The Doors People Are Strange is the lead-in music in the first segment...not super-synchronicity, after all, wasn't the same song, but thought it was a bit interesting...

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