Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tsunami Dream

Photo by Regan Lee, March 2011

I had a dream last night that, while not connected to today's earthquake in Virginia, gave me a bit of a start when I heard news of that quake this afternoon.

I'm with Jim, we're with someone we know in waking life (we're estranged) and standing inside this person's new home. Which is a simple glass box; paned glass walls, the entire house, except for roof and floor, is glass. The house is about the size of our bedroom or living room, very small. Keeping with dream logic, I know/almost see that there is a small kitchen/bathroom to the side but it's all one room.
The house/room sits on top of a white cliff. About two hundred feet below is the ocean. Prussian blue, churning, high tide. Beautiful. White boulders on either side of us, about three feet from the house.
We all live in Oregon, but in the dream, we're all in California, the house is in California and this person seems confused, lost, not sure how she came to live here. I ask her what she thinks of the town, she says it has a "nervous energy." (Which is something I'd say, but not her.) The town is small and below San Diego, and starts with a P. Something like "Paladinion" ...

Suddenly, a huge wave comes up, engulfing the house. We are inside the glass house and see nothing but water surrounding us on all sides. It's very frightening. The wave recedes, only to return. This keeps happening. The house is shaking and rattling. I'm worried the glass will break, the boulders will slip...

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