Friday, September 2, 2011

Sensing Earthquakes?

The past two days, I was thinking heavily about earthquakes. Not a surprise, since I live in Oregon and fifty miles from the coast. I have family all up and down the California coast, and so naturally the concern about earthquakes is a constant. That, and the general state of events in the world: Japan, etc. Even with those considerations, I was thinking about earthquakes and in particular, observing my cats. Their behavior lately hasn't been particulary strange, not like they were here recently a day or so before Oregon quakes, (Aug 5th) as I wrote about on Oregon L.O.W.F.I. but still odd. Not their usual patterns. My mind kept returning to "earthquake" and I found myself "seeing" earthquake activity on the west coast, though I didn't "see" or feel anything about Alaska, mainly California, Oregon and Washington in that order. Today's news brings reports of a 4.2 in Los Angeles, and a 7.1 in Alaska. (Related post: Tsunamai Dream.)

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