Monday, October 3, 2011

Nick Redfern: Alien Abductions: Military Manipulation? | Mysterious Universe

Nick relates one woman's abduction experiences, and her theories on MILABS and ufos/aliens: Alien Abductions: Military Manipulation? | Mysterious Universe. Writes Redfern:

There are those researchers and eye-witnesses (or perhaps “victims” would be a much better term) who believe that alien abductions have nothing to do with the activities of real-life extraterrestrials, but are, in reality, the result of clandestine work undertaken by the U.S. military.
So the theory goes, the military uses the alien abduction motif as a carefully-camouflaged cover to allow for the continued testing of new technologies, such as mind-altering and mind-controlling drugs, and sophisticated hypnotic techniques on unwitting and innocent citizens.
Is it possible that now, after all this time, the idea of MILABS is getting some serious consideration on a more open level among ufologists? I hope so. About time. I don't know if MILABS explains abductions or not, if ET is still involved in some ways, or what, but I do know that the subject has been on the fringe of the fringe and many have not wanted to look at MILABS in a serious way. Maybe things are changing. Leah Haley's recent statements concerning her own abduction experiences have startled a few into rethinking things...


Jack Brewer said...

I do not know for sure if MILABs account for any reports of abduction, either, Regan, but I am convinced more research is justified into the possibility. As you suggest, testimonies such as offered by Leah Haley and Alison (as featured in the Redfern post) deserve their fair share of attention. I therefore think posts such as this one are important and serve a valuable purpose. Thank you.

Terry the Censor said...

John Alexander has a no-nonsense rebuttal to MILABS in "UFOs: Myths, Conspiracies, and Realities.: Some of his arguments are familiar from conspiracy discussions, but he's more detailed and convincing when discussing the severe logistical impracticalities of the claims.