Thursday, November 10, 2011

Conscience of the Queen, by Elsie Conner

Some have a different reaction to Leah Haley's opinion that, in her words, "abductions don't happen" and are, instead, human created mind control scenarios. From abductee Elsie Conner on Alien Jigsaw: Conscience of the Queen, by Elsie Conner.

I have no comment, not about Conner's experience, because, simply, it's not my experience. I have no right to make assumptions or argue; it isn't about that. I respect Elsie Conner's comments on her own life and experiences, as I do all who have UFO related experiences.

The main sticking point for Conner is that Haley hasn't offered any proof for her statement that "abductions don't happen" -- no FOIA documents, etc. It's both an intensely personal article as well as a tough one; attacking Haley for being insensitive to abductees by dismissing their experiences. Or what's being perceived as dismissing.

This is interesting and vulnerable territory. Each person's story inspires questions and theories about alien abductions. It's a delicate line to walk between respecting others and maintaining your own sense of self, integrity and feelings about the phenomena. No one should speak for anyone else. Responding to the experiences -- to the responses to the experiences -- is difficult because respect needs to be maintained, yet so does a sense of awareness of your own place in all this.

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Jack Brewer said...

If helpful, we could review and consider exactly what I originally wrote in the article/interview of Leah Haley. I wrote, “Haley cited circumstances such as confirmed mind control operations and Freedom of Information Act documents, substantiating details of such black budget operations, as supporting evidence for her perspectives.” To possibly further clarify, there are tens of thousands of pages of FOIA docs, readily available to the public, that directly address former black budget mind control operations and the exploitation of involuntary human research subjects. For those unaware, John Marks' “The Search for the Manchurian Candidate” is an excellent point for further reference, as is the MKULTRA CIA disk collection.

I also originally wrote, “Haley cited U.S. Patent Office documents, demonstrating evolution of electronic technology and non-lethal weapons that correlates with the time line of reports of alien abduction.” I followed that with further explanation, “Advances in technology during the 20th century included using electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) to remotely entrain brain waves, induce altered states of consciousness and transfer an otherwise inaudible voice directly into the brain.”

Further explanation may be found in some of my other blog posts, such as the one about the human hypothesis for some reports of alien abduction, as I directly address such known technology quite a bit. Still more explanation may be found by reviewing docs at the U.S. Patent Office website. Searches may be conducted using key words, for example. On line searches might also prove productive for interested parties, as certain researchers have already delved into such documents. I may at some point make a blog post more specifically referencing Haley's considerations of such documents, but, as you are well aware, Regan, I am currently writing about the chain of events in the Haley Case and their potential significance, and I do not wish to get derailed and side tracked any further than is reasonably necessary.

I hope this is helpful.