Friday, November 11, 2011

Crop Circle Dream Memory: Beep!

A very strange dream last night, involving giant granite -- and specifically red granite -- structures, including a ten story statue, Buddha like, yet more samurai in appearance. At one point in the dream, I said to the people i was with "I could have sworn that stature moved!" and it turned out it had. The statue was living and the ruler of the realm. This realm was clean, mostly made of stone but not uninviting. Everything was large. Wide paths, high stone walls and large sprawling buildings. Everything made of stone. Not jewels, such as rubies and emeralds but granite and similar rock. Rough in appearance and even touch and yet there was a warmth to everything. Weird, strange, but a comforting feeling. It reminded me of this dream about Bigfoot. As in that dream, this dream was by water; large man made lakes and pools of beautiful water. Aside from the moving statue and so much more, there was a crop circle in this dream.

I woke up. Still in bed, I was remembering the dream. Trying to recall every detail. The dream was so ... weirdly cool. I was remembering the crop circle part of the dream. This is what I had dreamt:
There's a large, beautiful and intricate crop circle. We're all amazed and wonder at how it came to be. It literally appeared, not over night, but over a few minutes. One moment we were looking over at the large field where there was no crop circle. Turned our attention elsewhere for a few moments. Turned back, and there, was the crop circle. Huge and intricate.

Then a group of skeptics come along. They're loud and arguing and demand that we listen to them. The crop circle is a fake! They shout at us. And to prove it was a fake made by man to fool us, they throw little pods of dirt on the crop circle. These pods, the debunkers smugly tell us, contain a chemical that "exposes" the fakery, and bright yellow squares will show up within the crop circle. The yellow squares are proof the circle is a fake.  So they thrown the pods on the circle, and stand back, big stupid grins on their faces, waiting for the proof that will reveal how fake the crop circle is.
We wait and watch. At first, the yellow squares begin to pop up. The debunkers are overcome with joy. Ha! they say. But a few moments later, the yellow turns red, then other colors, then "over rides" the crop circle. In other words, the "proof" the skeptics  have shown us hasn't proved a thing. In fact, the "real" crop circle takes over, obliterating the debunker pods. 
The skeptics are mad and embarrassed. Most of all, they're baffled. Confused. They can't understand that the crop circles are real and have an as yet unexplained source that transcends prosaic explanations.

So I'm in bed, awake, savoring this dream and remembering it so I can write it in my journal. At the moment I get to the crop circle image and memory, I hear a loud, single, and very specific "beep" inside my head. It was so vivid, loud and not a "normal" sound (to be heard inside the head) that I sort of jumped. It was a definite mechanical sound.

I've had this beeping sound before, usually in the morning, when I'm awake, but still in bed. And in connection with ... anomalous things.

What this means, no idea. But as I've written before about this, and others as well, (like Daily Grail's and Dark lore journal's Greg Taylor) this beeping could be what we hear of the source of these manifestations that are of a metaphysical nature.

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