Friday, February 10, 2012

Humming Boxes on Oregon Beaches

More reports of humming metal boxes appearing on the Oregon coast:UFO sightings reveal more strange metal boxes along coastal beaches | HULIQ

At first look it seems very likely these boxes are debris from Japan. But there is the typical "wait there's more" anomalous elements that ties these boxes in with UFOs, at least according to the this article. Referring to the photo accompanying the article of one of these boxes at Bray's Point, Oregon, it's noted the boxes have been seen before:
The photograph that accompanies this report – taken during the afternoon of Feb. 8 near Bray’s Point -- of yet another strange metal box stuck in the surf up is one of a possible group of a dozen or more that have been sited up and down West Coast beaches. Meanwhile, the British government also photographed similar huge metal boxes on beaches in Sri Lanka in the late 1990’s and in early 2004 and 2005. The discovery of the boxes is detailed in updated previously classified reports from the British government that document sightings of unidentified flying objects by both the military and the general public dating back to the 1950s.
According to the coastal UFO researchers, there's been an increase in UFO sightings recently, coinciding with the boxes.

The boxes are heavy -- "not movable" -- ring, or hum, glow, and coincide with UFO sightings.
While I have no idea what these are of course, it seems irresponsible to go up to these boxes and touch them or attempt to move them.

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Terry the Censor said...

It's another madeup story from the Bray Point fabulist at Huliq. It is the only source for the story. No one else has seen these boxes, despite them allegedly popping up all along the coast.

One commentor writes:

I previously posted that MUFON of Oregon says this is bogus.
Okay, now let us hear from the good Dr. Bill Hanshumaker, of OSU. You recall he is quoted within the second article as well as some brochured info about his department. I wrote the good Dr. and asked if he knew of this. His reply:

"I have yet to actually see even one of these boxes. The Star Trek tribbles quote came from the mind of the writer."

Regan Lee said...

Well, as I've written, I have to go out there myself but can't get there until the 19th or so of the month. I'm curious as to what residents have to say.

G said...

Sorry naysayer. I live here by this box and it is no hoax. The State police came in here earlier today, the National Guard started mobilizing early this afternoon and military Blackhawks flew into Newport, about 30 miles north, late this afternoon.

Truth B Told said...

As usual...there are those out there who care not about the truth but, about censoring the truth so the privileged 1% can keep the 99% in ignorance. Just because you say..."no one else has actually seen these boxes...," or that Dr. Bill said..."I have yet to actually see even one of these boxes..." does not mean that they do not exist. Perhaps we should implore the ET's to drop one right in your lap. Even then you would likely declare it an object from a secret government program.

Regan Lee said...

Truth B Told,
I didn't say "no one else has actually seen these boxes..." that comes from Oregon MUFON who said he hasn't seen them himself, personally. Not that "no one else has."

As to my opinions on ET in general, dahling, clearly you have not been following me, Queen of the Fortean Blogosphere, on the intranets!