Sunday, February 12, 2012

The UFO Trail: The Leah Haley Case: The Eglin Expedition

Always thoughtful Jack Brewer continues his research into the experiences of Leah Haley:The UFO Trail: The Leah Haley Case: The Eglin Expedition Haley's experiences have been an interest of mine for several years, so I'm always interested in any developments or theories concerning her encounters.

As some readers know, Haley's comments a few months ago on alien abductions, MILABS and mind control caused controversy within the UFO community. Since I'm not Haley, nor anyone else who's experienced alien abductions, I can't, and won't, say that she is or is not "right." Or, "wrong."

But it's all very interesting and important -- the data is there, the information is there, and all that the rest of us can do is familiarize ourselves with these theories and respectfully consider the information, holding it up against all the other huge shimmering, nebulous pieces of the puzzle.

Elgin Beach and Gulf Breeze "Coincidences"
In his article Brewer discusses Haley's 1991 Elgin experience. For details on that I encourage you to read his article for yourselves. But one thing that is obvious is the fact that Elgin Air Force Base is in the Gulf Breeze area, home of the Ed Walters UFO sightings. Can't be a coincidence.

Brewer is aware of this and goes on to ask very important questions concerning UFO events in that area. If you think aliens were afoot down there, think again.
There is a great deal to be studied and considered about the Gulf Breeze saga. I have now spent years researching certain aspects of how Gulf Breeze relates to the Leah Haley Case, and I can tell you without question I have barely scratched the surface.
ETs/Mind Control/The Others
It seems to me the UFO world is often pathologically divided as to what the answer is concerning UFOs. I think the first problem is that some expect there to be an answer. After all these years it's assumed "it's all ET," "all ultra terrestrials" "all ..."  I think it's obvious it's seemingly complex, often downright convoluted, than that. It's all of those things, and the trick is determining which one is at play at the time of any given event. And often, the question isn't "which one?" but "which ones?"

I'm not sure why the "Mufonians" as Brewer refers to them (I love that) and others continue to reject the idea that human factions are involved in manipulating the UFO phenomena and abusing citizens as part of that manipulation. I'm not talking about the use of cover stories concerning classified planes; I mean the tin foil hat wearing stuff. By calling it "tin foil hat wearing stuff" the rogue and dark aspects of government-industrial-"scientific" invasions into our lives remains trivialized; an embarrassment to UFO researchers, and easy derision by "skeptics" and debunkers. (Who don't count but they're irritating nonetheless.)

Was Leah Haley the victim of insidious human interference? Other abductees have said as much over the years as well. Yet other abductees insist their experiences are literal and very, very real.  As I noted above, why not both? If that's true -- that both exist concurrently -- it certainly adds to the confusion and disinformation, which then causes dissension among witnesses and researchers. .

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