Saturday, March 17, 2012

2012 McMinnville UFOFest Speaker Line-Up

Well, the McMinnville UFO Fest has its third and final speaker for the event lined up: Matthew Reed. You can read about Reed, and his "multi-generational family abductions" at the UFO Fest site: Welcome to as well as on-line.

I'm mildly interested in abduction researcher/hypnotist Yvonne Smith, Friday night's speaker, but overall, the line-up this year, combined with my personal financial situation, doesn't justify my attending this year. I've been fortunate to attend the last five years in a row; we'll see what next year brings.


N/A said...

it is / Was, Thomas Reed (not) Matthew Reed - I was there, he was great, down to earth, and real!


N/A said...

It was Thomas Reed not Matthew. I was there, it was fantastic, and he was excellent, a very down to earth guy, come over very real, friendly and stayed hours after he spoke to answer everyone’s questions. She had a serious list of doc', one after another. The buzz was it was a powerful hour, but I felt it was a mix, between documents and his families accounts, very balanced between the hard hitting info and his difficulty with it, you could tell it was not easy for him. He was cut a little short on the questions & answers, that could have ran much longer. But it was very well put together, a great choice for UFOFEST. (Had a hell of an entrance video) Peter Davenport announced him. Chance his son introduced a movie by James Carmen, he was really cool. (Rather fashionable & sophisticated). The parade was larger than last year, the day was worm and the drinks were cold, just perfect.