Saturday, March 17, 2012

Puma Punku on Ancient Aliens: Utiliitarian Imagery

Last night's episode of Ancient Aliens revisited Puma Punku in Bolivia. Of all the ancient and mysterious sites on this planet that strongly suggest an alien influence, Puma Punku is the most startling and dramatic to support the theory that there was, and/or is, extraterrestrial life on earth.

Fascinating images, buildings and locations the world over, but all, regardless of the variety of those things, they still feel "human." Even with an ET influence on whatever levels, there is a familiarity, no matter how distant. But Puma Punku; the artifacts there seem truly "other" to me. The reamains at Puma Punku are oddly utilitarian. If anything shouts "aliens were here dummy" Puma Punku shouts the loudest.

Go here for slide show of images at Puma Punku:Ancient Aliens — Photo Galleries

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