Sunday, March 11, 2012

Those Boring No There There Metal Boxes

Was at the coast this weekend. Went to Stonefield
Beach, which as usual, was closed. That place has been closed since forever. As you can see, all there is on that beach are lots of big stones, and chunks of asphalt from the old parking lot. Now it's a rock strewn dirt path, closed off to the public. Why this beach access is always closed is a mystery to me; I'll make some calls this week to try to find out.

No metal boxes. Duh. Or signs of aliens or spaceships.

Later, in Yachats, I asked the motel owner if she had heard anything about these boxes. Not a word, she said. I thought that odd, since she's right on the coast full of travelers, and Yachats is the hip new age spot. In a mellow, old hippie kind of way. After all, a Yachats artist incorporated the mysterious boxes into his art and so on. Once I mentioned aliens and UFOs she just made a face and started talking about debris from Japan but clearly wasn't interested in the topic. That was fine.

I had planned on talking to others about the metal boxes but the weather was windy and cold and we were having too much fun with other things, like eating at Sada's Japanese resturant next to the Ripley's Museum on the Newport boardwalk.  The story is dead as a piece of washed up driftwood and as we all know, there never was any there there.

And that's the official report from Yachats, Oregon on the metal boxes from outer space.

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